Ruby Slippers at Wilshire & Fairfax

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences, the organization behind the Oscars, will open a new museum here in Los Angeles in a few years. It's going to be the ultimate movie museum, full of costumes and exhibits and absolutely everything to do with cinema.

The address? Wilshire Boulevard & Fairfax Avenue.

Oh goodness. What is our popcorn box-shouldered friend Monty going to think about that? Gomery will be over observing the construction of the strange, tar pit-shaped LACMA building and Monty will be over haunting the movie museum all the time.

I'm so excited for the Academy museum. It thrills me as a film-mad Angeleno, definitely. But I also dearly love that this is happening at an intersection I've long thought of as mysterious and full of fantasy-flavored sparkle.

Here's the update since I last mentioned the future movie museum: A huge pair of Dorothy's ruby slippers now directly face The Wilfair and Motel Fairwil. (Well, in an alternate book universe.)

I think our own personal rainbows are wherever we want them to be, but one of  mine -- I have a few, and trust you do, too -- ends at Wilshire & Fairfax. Or maybe "begins" is the right word.

(But will Fossy Finley and Toto ever meet up? Toto! Love you!)

cr: MGM


do dah said...

the real question, of course, is whether you are allowed to pet the slippers. also, i don't know if i've sent you the link to the smithsonian piece on the history of sequins, but: it's one of my favorites.

sequins that melt as you dance with your man! (!!!!!) i can totally see fair and gomery having that moment, in an earlier alternate life.

Erika said...

Looks like I'll be visiting the intersection soon!

Wilfair Book said...

do dah: Those French gelatin sequins are gorgeoussssss. The hues.

Now I'm sitting here Googling "melting sequins." Hi.

I did not pet the slippers, sad to say, but in my mind I did, so that kind of counts, right?

Erika: Wait. Are you coming back up, for real? Any time, you know I'll meet you. Let's go to lunch at Farmers Market!

do dah said...

not a bad way to spend an afternoon, methinks. and brain petting counts, especially in museums.

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