Spinning Paperback Rack

Of all the things in our place, visitors seem to love the spinning paperback rack best.

(Truth: I actually call it the "spinny" paperback rack but I guess that isn't a word. Whatever.)

I bought it for five bucks in Hollywood at a going-out-of-business thrift store. The store was selling off all of its shelving and such, and when I saw it I had to have it. It wasn't easy to get home -- "huffing" and "puffing" and "bending time/space rules inside my car" are apt descriptions -- but I'm glad I did.

We have a lot of vintage paperbacks, the kind with the most spectacular cover artwork, but they're not for mere show: They're favorites we go back to over and over. In this pic you'll see "The Fellowship of the Ring," "The Princess Bride," some Lovecraft, and "Watership Down," one of my husband's favorite books.

Lois Duncan is there -- did anyone read Ms. Duncan as a tweener? -- "Charlotte's Web," of course, Lieber, Asimov, and Kate Chopin. ("The Awakening" meant and means so much to me).

The close-up of three books probably tells a pretty true story about my tastes: a satire-heavy Vonnegut, a Trixie Belden, and "Pride & Prejudice." (I absolutely ate up the whole Trixie Belden series the summer I was 9yo. I'd go to sleep every night and think "I have to wake up soon so I can start READING!")

Where do you keep your books?


do dah said...

i think i used "the awakening" in a total of nine different essays over the course of high school and early college. "being trapped by society's ridiculous expectations" is clearly one of my favorite themes...

do dah said...

also, the spinning paperback rack is fabulous, and alludes to so many library memories! (although when an eight year old finishes the books on the spinny rack in the kids section and finds the spinny rack in the adult section, and then learns that it holds only romance novels? kind of a shock.)

bess said...

Having a spinny rack at home is such a fun idea. It would seem like shopping in your own house!

The Awakening is great, I should re-read it, I don't think I have since high school. Speaking of feminist literature, have you read The Yellow Wallpaper? So freaky and one of my personal favorites.

Our books are in a big shelving structure all over the living room. I don't think we realized how many we had until we moved because they were kind of scattered and it was kind of a nasty surprise.

Amanda W said...

That's so cool! I have an appropriated out-of-use card catalog at my house (currently serving time as a t.v. stand), and I would love to continue acquiring used bookstore/library shelving like this!

Also...I LOVED Trixie Belden. I'm slowly collecting them now.

Nikki said...

That spinny rack is fabulous! We just use boring ol' bookshelves and the tried-and-true method of stacking books anywhere. BTW, we have the same set of LoTR books! Chris had The Hobbit and Fellowship and talked about wanting the rest, with the same cover art, so that's what I got him for one of our first Valentine's Days.

The general consensus has sent me to Project Gutenberg where I have now downloaded The Awakening for later reading.

Amanda, I covet your card catalog! That and an apothecary chest are at the top of my wishlist. All of the sorting possibilities! *swoon*

Wilfair Book said...

do dah: Exactly. You move up to the grown-up spinny racks and suddenly! -- dun dun dun -- they're filled with a Decidedly Different Type of Novel.

Also, do you love spinning spinny racks like I do? I can't believe I haven't been reprimanded in more libraries. Maybe I'm not spinning hard enough.

bess: "The Yellow Wallpaper"! Did you check out a certain hotelier's Pinterest? :) Btw, my ladies, I'm going to do a Pinterest post soon, since that's now up and running. Ish.

I think the fact that you have "Mr. Wilson's Cabinet of Wonder" in your collection -- ohhhh, I didn't forget -- means you should visit LA. Museum of Jurassic Technology road trip!

Amanda: Card cataloggggg, waaaaant. That sounds so pretty and antique and I want one. All those little drawers. I'm a drawer fan, by nature. But who isn't?

Nikki: Stacking books and bookshelves work (and we have two giant bookshelves in other room).

Love those LoTR covers! The best. What a sweet Valentine's gift.

"The Awakening" is definitely interesting. Had many a debate about it back in school.

Apothecary chest! Yes.

Just the word "apothecary" is like calisthenics for the mouth. It's one of those words that has like four different beats ("p" is the pressing together of the lips, "th" calls the tongue into action, "c" is the glottal stop, "ry" is a classic mouth pursing).

Okay, I just went and reread about glottal stops and I'm not sure a "c" qualifies exactly. Further research is due. Oh, college linguistics 101, you were so long ago.

Wilfair Book said...

Ohhh, Amanda! And Trixie Belden! Yes. Do you have a favorite? I loved The Happy Valley Mystery -- #9, I believe -- when I was a girl and I love it today.

do dah said...

aaack! a card catalog! i want one of my very own so badly. i would also take an apothecary chest, or, preferably, both!

i don't tend to spin book racks as gleefully as i spin spinny chairs and barstools and such. also my sit and spin. i am still grumpy that i'm now too big to fit on that thing (and have been for multiple decades... i hold grudges.)

Amanda W said...

My memory is fuzzy on the specifics of all the different Trixie Belden books and which is my favorite, but I do remember really loving when they all get to go to NYC because it seemed sooo glamorous and grown-up. I also have a very distinct memory of learning in one book that you could poison someone with apple seeds. "dunh, dunh, dunh"

Elisa said...

A spinning book rack would be awesome! To say that I have books everywhere is an understatement. Between the crazy amount of books I have in my classroom and the ridiculously large amount of books I have at my house I could start my own library. The problem with book organization is that small children are not very good at putting them back in an orderly fashion (even when you use a colored dot system). So my books tend to be thrown haphazardly in baskets, shelving units, and plastic tubs. As for my favorite books as a child, I was a huge Boxcar Children fan. Reading them today is a hoot.

Wilfair Book said...

do dah: You didn't read it here, but a spinny stool may appear down the road in the Wilfairverse. Wait. Yes you did read it here.

Also, if you prototype a Sit 'n Spin for adults, meet your first customer. Hi.

Amanda: The NYC Trixie! Yesssss. Now I want to read that this weekend. Question: Did you ever attempt the friends' secret bobwhite call? I have and do. Still.

Elisa: Somehow I missed "The Box-Car Children" as a youth but I just went and read the history of the books. Interesting. Thanks for teaching me something new. (You may think you're done with teaching at the end of the day, but you come to Wilfair and teach a little more.) ;)

Amanda W said...

Sad, true story: I can not whistle, even fingers in the mouth style. The best I can do is a kind of wind-through-the-trees sound. Believe me, I tried many a time to recreate that bobwhite call.

Wilfair Book said...

Another sad, true story: When I first started reading the books I thought the characters were actually saying the word "bobwhite" rather than doing the bird call.

I told this story to my husband and he'll sometimes hail me with "bobwhite! bobwhite!" I'm sure some people think "is that lady's name Bob White?"

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