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A few posts down a Very Important Question was posed. It was a question inspired by our own bess, who revealed in a comment that Floyd of the Muppets was her first crush.

Delightful. So delightful that I turned the question to all and got some exceedingly entertaining answers.

But then the conversation began to alight upon later pop culture paramours, and I knew it was time for the next post: Who did you fancy once you hit your teen years? Do tell.

Here are two of my favorite gentlemen from that time period.

Michael Palin. I'm a big Monty Python fan. No matter that I was born during the heyday of "Flying Circus" and had to discover the troupe's surreal humor years later; I was smitten, especially with Mr. Palin's erudite approach to comedy. That he's become a famous world-traveler, and writes the best diaries, is a bonus.

Art Malik. Mr. Malik starred in several BBC productions when I was a PBS-loving young teen, and a James Bond film, too. (Uh, yeah, I watched a lot of PBS as a teen, like, hours a day.) He remains one of my favorite actors and I always have to check out whatever he's in, because I just know it'll be smart.

I'm sure I can think of a few more -- hi, Jonathan Crombie and Andrew McCarthy! -- but I want to hear from you.


do dah said...

Alysia, you have such discerning taste!

My list (some reasoning not well-recollected) included Jonathan Brandis, Gabriel Byrne, Winona Ryder, '70s Harrison Ford, Chris O'Donnell/Scott Wolf (as often interchangeable, baby-faced, squeaky-clean sorts), Mr. Darcy, Alyssa Milano, all known incarnations of Gilbert Blythe, Ethan Hawke circa "Reality Bites," Ethan Embry, and Paul Rudd. I also in all things generally preferred the shining, golden hero. Just like I was supposed to. Somewhere along the line, though, my tastes changed to Jaded Lawyer Sydney Carton over Charles Darnay. I think the switch had something to do with repeated re-watchings of "American Beauty," somehow...

Can we do one about intellectual crushes next? Hello, Oscar Wilde's Brain. Also Stephen Fry. Oooh, or voice crushes? Surely I am not the only one who gets crushes on people's voices.

Wilfair Book said...

1? We can definitely do intellectual crushes. STEPHEN. FRY. Have you ever seen "A Bit of Fry & Laurie"? Oh sweet laughter. The best.

2? Your list is epic, do dah. '70s-era Harrison Ford should be cast in bronze forever.

Oh wait.

Amanda W said...

Teenage me...hmmm....my memory's not so good, but definitely Ethan Embry (do-dah, do you remember the fantastically swoony A Far Off Place? Back when he was Ethan Randall?) Christian Bale (Newsies! Musicals FTW!) beach volleyball player Kent Steffes, country musician Bryan White, Kirk Cameron, Michael J. Fox...those are some that I remember anyway.

Caitlin #1 said...

I can't remember who it was in my early teens. All my friends were in love with various members of NSYNC or the Backstreet Boys, and I was just like, "eh." But mid/late teens, my two major crushes were Michael Vartan (because I was a huge "Alias" fan) and Colin Firth (because duh).

Erika said...

Caitlin, it's like we shared a teenage brain! For me it was Colin Firth, Michael Varton circa Never Been Kissed, Rupert Grint (I.e. genderbent Ariel), Johnny Depp (because I am never not half in love with Johnny Depp), and Legolas as portrayed by Orlando Bloom.

Harrison Ford, Robert Redford, and Kevin Costner were in there somewhere because my Mother watched their films a lot in my teen years. Air Force One! Indiana Jones!! For Love of the Game.

Chiara said...

The only one I really remember well (and still like) is George Clooney. I already liked him when he was on Sisters and but then ER came along and I really started to like him. I was about 15 I think and it aired on Friday nights here, me and my mom had a standing appointment to watch it and we both fell for the charms of Dr. Doug Ross. I never fell out of it.

Also, hello! *waves* I've been away from Wilfair a bit but I'm back. Going to check out what I missed now :)

kitzie said...

You guys, surely you've seen this: http://www.luxurylanesoap.com/collections/nerdpop/products/soap-in-carbonite - he can be cast in glycerin for, well, at least a while in your bathroom!!!

(Alysia, you can imagine my buddy Karen having this soap, because OF COURSE I had to get for a housewarming gift.)

I'd like to add more teen crushes (and, um, this might be embarrassing as I have always liked the boys, maybe too much):

Brad Pitt (OMG Thelma and Louise may have initiated me into sexuality, and then later Legends of the Fall)

Jared Leto (Jordan Catalano swoon)

Tom Cruise (was never hot to me until his looks during Interview With a Vampire while not make-uped like a vamp, then I was like "I get it. He's hot.")

Kurt Cobain (I would have sacrificed myself on an alter for him)

Eddie Vedder (I am still in love with him)

Okay, I think those are my biggest ones that haven't already been mentioned. Gosh, I'm all giggly now. Oh dear!

Caitlin #2 said...

Sisters-era George Clooney! Good call, Chiara. He had an epic hair swoop going on there. I never watched ER so I kind of forgot about him while the rest of the world discovered him, and then when he did O Brother, Where Art Thou? I was like, "Oh yeah, it's that guy. Let's do this."

My admit-to-my-friends celeb crush as a teen was Val Kilmer; my slightly-embarrassing-only-admit-to-very-close-friends celeb crush was (and kind of still is) Conan O'Brien. The humor gets me every time, and the lankiness is just icing on the cake; I just can't deal. There were plenty of others that I appreciated (Paul Rudd and Ethan Embry stand out from other people's lists, and Tim Robbins is one I would suggest as well), but those two were closest to my heart.

Erika said...

Caitlin #2, I have a crush on Paul Rudd now! Haha, also I wish to touch Conan O'Brien's glorious hair. Honestly, some days I wish I was famous so I could touch his hair in an interview (and David Tenant's), and to eat Morimoto and Batali's food 3 times a day.

Amanda W said...

I could never decide who to crush on more on ER -- George Clooney or Noah Wylie.

do dah said...

a bit of fry and laurie! so amazing. i seem to recall an incident where i was watching that in a group setting and actually exclaimed "shut up now, stephen fry is talking!" i didn't really consider the rudeness factor before speaking because... um, it was just that urgent? now i know that there are some actors i should not watch in public settings, i guess.

kitzie, the soap! i just almost posted that link, too. it's so great! although i would own it and never use it because i would worry about slowly eroding poor han. it just seems mean. also, one of my friends just mentioned that she walked into a coffee house in seattle, and eddie vedder was playing. perhaps you should go to seattle and become a caffeine junkie?

amanda w, ohmygosh! i have to find and watch that immediately! i actually can't remember what i knew him from before empire records, but he was obviously the best part of... well, everything he was in.

kitzie said...

do dah, ha! Sometimes I think that I'm really lucky to not be about 5 years older because had I been, I might have run off to Seattle to be a grunge groupie. For why that's a bad choice, I present the Golden Exhibit: Courtney Love. But now you've got me fantasizing: I would just faint if I, like, walked anywhere and Eddie V was there. I'll have to actually avoid pursuing this scenario because Mr kitzie might be unhappy. ;)

Wilfair Book said...

Amanda: Love that you included a couple of guys unknown to me -- Kent Steffes being one -- because that gives me a chance to learn. Hello, Google!

Also, Michael J. Fox? The best. Effortlessly self-effacing and charming. Are you a serious "Back to the Future" fan, too? I feel a BttF post coming on.

Caitlin #1: We share the Firth affection. Oh yes. This is known.

Erika: What's your favorite Legolas moment in LOTR? I still can't get over when he pulls himself onto the horse in "The Two Towers" -- whoa. But so many solid moments. Also, I sense a Harrison Ford trend in this thread. :)

Chiara! Hi. I just dropped you a line. I'm glad you're back! Now, tell me this: What did you think of Dr. Doug Ross's famous Caesar haircut? It became quite the rage in the heyday of "ER" but I still don't know if I totally love it. It suited him well, but I'm not sure other men rocked it as well as George Clooney. If a resurgence comes back around, I'll give it fresh consideration.

kitzie: I'm buying that for my friend Tracy, who is a major Harrison Ford fan, so much so that her pet rabbit was named Harrison Ford. Whenever he got out we'd walk around the front yard yelling "Harrison Ford! Harrison Ford!"

Also, you and Karen need to come back for another drink, because your visit was too short and you're both too funny. Naturally she has that soap! I believe it.

Everything you wrote made me smile, esp. Brad Pitt's note. There's a longer hair thing going on here, I'm sensing. Correct?

Also, should we add Christopher Reeve to our mutual list?

Caitlin #2: "Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?" WOW. You know I love some Coen Bros. And Tim Robbins! "Hudsucker Proxy," yay! Speaking of Val Kilmer -- have you seen "Real Genius"? Speaking of cute science guys (which I think we're all fans of 'round here).

Erika: Thank you for saying you want to touch David Tenant's hair. Also, there's a Mario Batali restaurant like ten minutes from Wilshire & Fairfax. Let's go! This dessert is straight from my dessert dreams, and I'm not even that big of a sweet fan: Butterscotch budino, sea salt & rosemary pine nut cookies.

Gurgle. Sea salt is the clincher.

Amanda: Cheers! Noah's a cutie, too.

do dah: We probably have to have a full email where we talk fry & laurie bits. My favorite: When Hugh Laurie finds his childhood dog at a shopping center -- do you know that sketch? I think I just spoiled the ending but I bet you know it. Soooo hysterical but touching.

kitzie: Will you think I'm cooler if I admit I sometimes sing "Alive" at the top of my lungs in the car? "I'm still aliiiiiiive." Like that, but LOUD. It's like Eddie's in the passenger seat, dashboard drumming for me.

Amanda W said...

Alysia - yes, Back to the Future!

Also, I'm glad to be able to expand your horizens (regarding Kent Steffes). I watched A LOT of beach volleyball in high school. Like, every Saturday, it was on my t.v. I used to have these elaborate fantasies where I moved to California for college and became an amazing beach volleyball player and married a hot volleyball dude.

Caitlin #2 said...

Yay Hudsucker Proxy! That was my first foray into the Coen Brothers' world, and it's still among my favorites. Not only is Tim Robbins a total cutie, but Jennifer Jason Leigh is freakin' amazing. Love!

And yes, I have seen Real Genius; in fact, it was filmed where I went to college! So it's required viewing for freshmen there.

Chiara said...

Alysia, I never realized that particular cut is called a Caesar haircut! Made sense though once I looked it up, haha! I like George any way possible but I prefer the later (shorter) style he had on ER, however looking at pictures of men with that particular hairstyle, George kinda rocked it. I'm probably biased though ;)

I keep trying to think of others besides George Clooney because I'm sure there were others but none other than him stuck around so I guess I forgot about them.

do dah said...

kitzie -- best not to upset the mister, i suppose. perhaps he could also over-develop a taste for coffee?

alysia -- surprisingly, i've not watched a lot of fry and laurie. i have a low tolerance for sketch comedy, which makes me sad in the face of that and catherine tate. every once in a while, i'll be in the right mood and it will be amazing, but most of the time... i don't have the patience to wait through the mediocre ones to get to the good ones.* most of my stephen fry love actually comes from kingdom. and my favorite laurie role, miniscule but absolutely perfect, is mr. palmer in sense and sensibility (also, wow, his current imdb photo is kind of hot! here, i'll link it, lest it change: http://www.imdb.com/media/rm90090240/nm0491402).

*one day, i will meet a man who creates a perfectly edited compilation of the best sketches ever for me, and i will hold on to him tenaciously. the gift of laughter, mixed with discerning taste? best.

do dah said...

... so apparently i have a thing for discerning taste, as revealed via this thread? hmm.

Caitlin #2 said...

do dah - you do have excellent taste! Kingdom is wonderful, and Mr. Palmer is my favorite! Another great non-sketch Stephen Fry role: Mr. Mybug in Cold Comfort Farm. "Miss Poste! I'm engorgingly in love with you!!!" So great :D

Kelly said...

Wow everyone here seems to have had waaay better taste in teenage crushes than did! I mean, I like to think my tastes have evolved significantly since then, but my taste in crush material in my early teens was almost as embarrassing as my fashion sense.

I mentioned Ashley from O-town in the other post, and then there was Jack Ryder from Eatenders, Ben from A1 and some guy called Ben Gould who was in saved by the bell - the new class (this was my 'curtains' phase, I was instantly attracted to any boy sporting the curtains hairstyle), and then there was the even more regrettable Chad Michael Murray period.

Wilfair Book said...

Amanda: I'm so charmed by this revelation! Beach volleyball is quite the thing in LA, as you know, having cited California. I will think of you next time I come across a match.

I also seriously want to talk BttF, which is one of my movie obsessions.

Caitlin #2: You floored me with that "Real Genius" factoid. I feel like I need to drive with you to this campus and have you walk me through where every scene was shot! Can we do that?

Also, yes, JJL is amazing. Her rat-a-tat-tat delivery in that flick, soooo gooood.

Chiara: I'm with you. George can wear any style pretty well. Maaaaybe his '80s mullet on "The Facts of Life" wasn't his best look, but, still, he rocked it in his own Clooney-esque way.

do dah: HUGH LAURIE. Oh c'mon. He is a twinkly rogue of pure mad joy in that IMDB photo. PS I love getting IMDB'd!

Speaking of "Sense & Sensibility," did you read Emma Thompson's diary of the making-of? One of the best books ever. That's all.

Caitlin #2: Thank you for citing "Cold Comfort Farm." Joanna Lumley! One of my everything idols. (Style, wit...)

Kelly: I hug each of your choices and welcome them to the Teen Crush thread. No judgment here, only acceptance, wonder, the occasional wry smile, and a few high fives.

I had to look up Jack Ryder -- cutie patootie and, um. Intense? It's the age, maybe?

Curtains hairstyle! Is this a distant cousin to the Flock of Seagulls look?

do dah said...

alysia, i did not, and now i must. is it journal-y enough to mention her falling for willoughby?

is the curtains hairstyle the same one the fya girls call butthair? it is, right? i never had a name for it, but it was raaaaaare to meet a boy without it, for a while there. and then everything turned into frosted tips of ick.

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