The Honorary Orange Sparkle Wilfair Shoes

I'm ready to start this week running, and I'm going to use this picture of rhinestone-covered orange Converse to get me in the mood.

Our own do dah made them, and if you've seen any of her comments, you know she is a talented person of many creative interests. In fact, she just visited a major comic-con, so I'm hoping she'll reveal what interesting get-up she wore.

(People who dress up at comic-cons? You are my favorite people. Blue ribbons all around, which I hope go with whatever superheroine/sprite/monster suit you are rocking. I dressed up as a Von Trapp to go to a "Sound of Music" sing-along once and I had nothing on your dedication or design spirit.)

So... shoes! do dah says "I definitely thought of Wilfair while I made them" and now that's all I can think, too. Orange! Sparkles! Converse! Which we know is some of the favorite footwear of Motel Fairwil! Hooray.

Fair Finley obviously needs to borrow these from you, do dah, and wear them while gallivanting around the hotel. Mind if she rings you? If you see area code 323, that's her, so def. pick up.


do dah said...

yay, thanks! :) sadly, i did not actually wear a costume to comic con. mostly this was because if i started down that road, i would end up many dollars poorer at the end of it. although i did see someone there who was totally a sheet-over-the-head ghost; if there was a reference to get there, i didn't, but i guess it was an option.

however, it was also partly because i don't like the oversexualization of most female characters' costumes in... still most of the worlds that constitute con geekdom, really. it's possible to do something cool that doesn't conform to the objectification requirements -- one of my favorite costumes was a couple who went as the Fourth and Tenth Doctors -- but it takes more imagination than i had at that time. y'all know that i adore burlesque and don't really object to sexy as such, but my reaction depends HUGELY on who gets to control that sexy. i've heard it argued that geekdom is still, in many ways, one of the last refuges of angry white dudes who are fiercely protecting one of the last spaces in which they can feel powerful* (and therefore want to get away with objectifying people,) and that contributed strongly to my reaction when thinking about con costumes before the fact. AT the con, however, everyone looked amazing and was super nice and unexpectedly awesome, so i may be a little more adventurous/inventive in the future. also, next time i will remember to take pictures of the awesomeness.

sorry to skirt the borders of rant; it really was my reasoning. THIS is why i surround myself with sequins whenever possible, as they are distracting bits of shiny happiness. also, question: does anyone else hesitate to conclusively identify as a feminist because you're pretty sure someone will immediately jump down your throat for doing feminism wrong?

i'm going to go make upbeat, light-hearted comments on several previous posts now. and point out that one of the things i LOVE about the wilfair community is that everyone is nice on purpose and maybe even accidentally. yay, y'all!

* i'm like 80% sure this was in the book "Guyland," about which i Have Some Opinions

Wilfair Book said...

do dah...

1. Thank you, and this was not skirting a rant, because you raise a lot of very valid points. I'm hopeful that the tide continues to turn on this front, but, hmmm. I know what you're saying.

2. I don't hesitate identifying as a feminist. Because I am. And as far as doing feminism wrong... we're all human, and prone to mistakes, but if keep at it, and stand up for what we stand behind, I think it works out most of the time. Whatever that might mean.

That said, I don't want to court people jumping down my throat, but if they do, that's their decision. I do want to know where they are coming from and their viewpoints. I'm sure we'll be able to find common ground before we part ways. Or, if not, shake hands and say goodbye after a civil discussion. My hope, anyway.

3. As for being nice around Wilfair HQ? Not required. I like the vibe to stay sparkly mostly around here, because that's the interior design style I favor. But sparkly is not mandatory.

I think your sequins, and all psychic sequins of a sort, aren't ways to avoid what's going on but a rather a direct way to raise the general tone. Staying upbeat and not down is a battle half won.

If you want to look at it in battle terms, that is. Maybe that isn't the right word.

Staying up, and sequiny, and positive, isn't avoidance in my book. Taking the higher road isn't going out of the way of what is really happening. To be happy isn't a retreat from reality, and it isn't being oblivious. I see it as the cloak we sometimes need to wear to forge ahead, undeterred.

But none of us feel shiny all the time. And the truth is I'd rather people be honest than put on any forced cheer! For sure. That's not healthy.

So, in short? I'm glad you aired your grievances. You are welcome to at any time!

I think it is worth talking solutions, too. These issues are on my mind.

While I ponder all of the points you raised, did you see this post on epbot?

Erika said...

Do Dah, I get where you are coming from! I have read similar articles about geekdom being the last refuge, but what I love about Cons and dressing up is the ability to pick what you want to be. I am a big fan of the gender bend or the super creative stuff like people going as the Tardis before the Neil Gaiman episode where the Tardis was personified. It does get super pricey to be awesomely clad at these events. Eeesh. I love looking at all the costumes! Especially at Anime Expo in LA. Holy cow do people go all out at that Expo.

I'm hoping to score some excess comic con tickets in the next few weeks. PleaseLotteryPickMe!!

Also I identify as a feminist but I have never been accused of doing it wrong so I don't really have that fear. I have however had to explain that being a feminist doesn't mean I want to ship all men off to mars after castrating them. People can be pretty odd when they explain what they think feminism is...

Wilfair Book said...

Enjoyed your thoughts, Erika. And I will wish those extra Comic-Con tickets your way!

One day, far in the future, at the Wilfair con, this is what I'm wearing.

Ohhh yeah. I'm dressing up like a giant pinecone. Oh yes I am. Believe it.

do dah said...

Thanks, ladies! I worry a bit because Cynical is my natural habitat (there are lots of caves there; some of the are quite pretty and hobbit-like, actually) and I know it's easy for other people to overdose on it if I don't pay attention.

Yes! I have definitely seen that epobot post, and she's so right. Actually, the internet -- in addition to reminding us constantly how many trolls exist in the world -- is occasionally really good at finding and promoting things like this. I suppose part of it is about picking your communities carefully, which I try to do.

Erika, I like your point about the ability to choose your own presentation. True. The genderbent costumes were definitely some of my favorites, and there were a LOT of TARDISes (although no one dressed as Sexy, because, I presume, corsets are expensive). And good luck with the lottery! May the odds be ever in your favor -- but ACTUALLY in your favor!

Alysia, that pine cone is EPIC. Off the top of my head, I'd have to say my first Wilfair Con costume will be Prior in his ski movie gear. Unless said con is in CA, because that's waaaay too warm. Sunglasses are the best way to look like a movie star, after all. And ski goggles just make that concept funny.

Wilfair Book said...

do dah: I don't find you cynical! Or at least I don't believe that to be your natural habitat. I think you stand for justice, which is good, but cynical to me might imply that you're, hmmm. Exhausted with things, which I don't perceive.

And I'm already counting the days until the first Wilfair Con. I MUST see you rocking the Prior Yates ski outfit! Fist pumps!

Speaking of genderbent, look at this glorious Cinderella get-up created for a gentleman.

Absolutely. Adore. It.

Erika said...

And now I want to polyvore gender bending disney characters... It's on.

do dah said...

the SHOES! that is amazing. best part is? it's subtle enough to basically be worn to celebrate, you know, tuesday. (yes, i apparently think disco cons are reasonably subtle).

the con i was at had a surprising number of disney esmereldas, now that i think about it. i had no idea she was so popular.

Wilfair Book said...

Erika -- put two or three together and I'll post them here, if you like. Gotta show you and your bad, Polyvoring self off!

do dah: Right? Have you heard the song "On Tuesday" by Men Without Hats? It's like how just a normal Tuesday can change your life. Love it, love what it symbolizes. LYRICS.

Btw, I told my husband tonight I want to dress as Captain Hook. NOT hinting Erika, but if you put together a Captain Hook lady outfit, it might be the best thing of my week, whatever week that happens to be.

Also, what would the Lightening McQueen lady outfit look like?

Also, what would a gentleman's Snow White outfit look like?

Wilfair Book said...

No need to do the last two, seriously, or even Captain Hook! Just daydreaming aloud. :)

Anonymous said...

I totally had to do Captain Hook. I am working on Maleficent but men's clothes are surprisingly hard to come by so that may get saved for later.

Lightning McQueen!!

Anonymous said...


Wilfair Book said...

Erika, I won't lie: It gives me a small thrill when you show up as "Anonymous." :)

Ohhhhh, Maleficent for men! YES.

Can't wait to see whatever you want to share, my fantasy fashionista!

Nikki said...

do dah, I totally get what you mean about being hesitant to identify as a feminist, but more for misconceptions and less for possibly doing it "wrong." (For what it's worth, I think you're feminist-ing just right.) I shy away from the label simply because I don't want to be considered the type of feminist that, as Erika put it, "wants to ship all men off to mars after castrating them." That type of feminist is just on the opposite end of the hate spectrum and that's something I don't want to associate with. This is also the type of person that pops into most people's heads when they hear the word 'feminist', myself included, though that seems to finally be changing.
(Also, you're not alone; I have to keep my cynicism in check, as well.)
(Also also: Awesome shoes!! I would rock those so hard! And probably lose half the sparkles in the first day... but it would be so worth it!)

Erika, I do hope you share your Polyvoring fun! I started to imagine how Ariel might look, gender swapped, and I've come to the conclusion that she would look much like a Weasley. <3

Anonymous said...

Love it! Also I concur, Ariel is a Weasley for sure! I'll try that out!

Anonymous Just for you Alysia :)

Wilfair Book said...

Nikki, thank you for your candor. It pleases me when discussion turns deep and topical 'round here. Some most excellent thoughts, truly.

I have to tell you I guffawed -- that's the only word to describe the sound I made -- when I saw your Weasley comment pop up on my phone. I mean I guffawed out loud. In public. Too funny.

Clearly Anonymous liked it, too. ;)

do dah said...

Nikki -- Misconceptions definitely play a part as well. The thing is, sometimes I actually DO want to ship all the men to an island somewhere; this response typically occurs when butting up against an entrenched, um, mental group with no real idea how to access individuals with whom actual productive conversations can be held. If that makes sense. Usually, though, I just want to be treated like a (reasonably intelligent) human being. Not terribly novel, yet, historically, stunningly demanding -- especially when you consider "excuses" other than gender that have caused people to gang up and disenfranchise each other. We're such a fun species sometimes.

Glad you like the shoes (and are a proud occasional cynic). :) Turns out E6000 glue keeps sparkles in place pretty handily. Make sure you use it in a ventilated space, though, because oosh!

Erika and Alysia -- Ariel as a Weasley! Pretty great. Isn't Rupert Grint supposed to be in some upcoming thing with a kind of wonderful cast? (Very specific. Nice job, me.) Burning genderswapped Maleficent question: DOES HE GET A GIGANTIC COLLAR? Or... neck ruffle? What is that thing? (And has anyone watched Once Upon a Time long enough to tell me whether Maleficent reappears? Her episode was delightful in whatever early season I watched. As was her pony).

Discussion of a Polyvore Snow White costume takes my brain to sleeves (thanks, Disney!) and therefore to Genderswapped Anne Shirley's Puffed Sleeves. It's entirely possible to be Anne without them, but WHY?

Erika said...

Maleficent does reappear!! Also Polyvore Male Maleficent is in the back works but I did get inspired for a modern Maleficent, no neck ruffles though. Missed opportunity!

I like a man in a puffy sleeve. It's not so much a modern fashion but more is the pity!

Also women who can hold intelligent conversations?!? Say what?? :)

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