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The thirty-word overview in the right side bar should set you up. Not seeing it? Here it is: A late-blooming hotel heiress must steal a pool from the handsome cousins who run the motel next door. Feelings are felt, adventures are had, and cheese dip is eaten.

The Wilfair is a fictional hotel at the real intersection of Wilshire Boulevard & Fairfax Avenue in Los Angeles, CA.

The motel next to the Wilfair is called the Fairwil (both properties are named after their intersection).

The guys who work at the motel are pretty cute (and one definitely knows it). They're distantly friendly with their neighbor, the soon-to-be-20 hotel heiress who oversees The Wilfair in her parents' stead (when they're away seeing about their other hotels). I say "distantly" because the motel's pool has always been in contention.

There's some magic realism afoot, some weirdness, some quirk, some Big Questions, some lighter stuff, like movie star crushes, and a healthy dose of whimsy. Plus dips. Lots of cheesy, gooey, yummy dips.

A few ground rules I have: The humans possess no magic though Fair Finley might say Gomery Overbove is magical and vice versa (but we'll let that stay between them). The books take kindly to people who help others and keep pretty cheerful while doing so. I'm a fan of people working together, whenever possible.

There are notable forearms, too. Sleeves rolled up halfway could be on the Motel Fairwil crest, if motels had crests (they so should).

Above all, Wilfair is about its readers. I'm very affectionate about the adventurers who wade into this whimsical world. We have some interesting, sometimes intense, and often rollicking conversations here at Wilfair HQ, and if I see someone go missing for a bit, I'm prone to drop a line and say "hello, you good?"

I KNOW. Annoying. I try and curb it, I do, but, you know, you gotta rock your strengths and weaknesses in this life, right?

If you want a personal welcome I'll give you one! I like schmoozing off-blog, too. Find me at wilfairbook@gmail.com. I may ask you about your favorite sandwich and if you like hats.

Thanks for stopping by!

Oh. Here's an ancient mastodon to welcome you -- they're in the books, rrowr -- and a silhouette of Gomery Overbove, one of the heroes of the books, apparently in his swim trunks. (I want to ask "why?" and yet I'm content to leave it be, too.)

I only wish I commissioned this image, because it is perfection, but I found it at an academic dictionary site (which Gomery totally uses, I'm sure). Thank you, science person, for science-ing up our lives in this memorable way! Swim trunks and mastodons=Wilfair in a nutshell.


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