What's In Your Brain Folder?

This feels like a true jump-into-the-week topic, and it was one suggested by Elisa.

Thank you, Elisa!

Fair Finley has several brain folders going at the same time in the Wilfair books. Hair Swoops, Elfin Faces, and Mysterious Collections is the label on the folder dealing with her intriguing nemesis Thurs Mathers, Daydream Potential is the folder she starts when she pictures Gomery Overbove in a handsome chauffeur's cap, and Prior's Dilemma is the name of the file she opens while fretting over a certain movie star's movie star-sized personal issues.

Be a Kind Friend and Always Help Others are two more folders in heavy rotation in Fair's head.

And outside the books? I imagine we all have at least eight or nine important folders open at any one time. Call those the top-level topics that are ongoing for us, the major concerns or places where we put our attention. Family, health, love, and those things that mean the most fall under the always-open folder heading.

Two of my bigger folders? Care for Wilfair HQ and Visit with My Wonderful Ladies is one. You'll find that folder near the top of my stack, day in and day out.

And right next to it? A folder called Fairwil, The Writing of. :)

But we likely have a few dozen smaller folders in play, too. Mine currently include Address Weird Throbby Tooth Issue and Organize Photos from Phone Before I Forget When and Where They Were Taken.

No need to share the labels of your major life folders, but if you'd like to reveal what's in one of your smaller brain folders, please do!

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Elisa said...

Yay, brain folders! My brain folders are in overload lately. I won’t bore you with the folders about cleaning my house and child rearing. Here are a few that keep popping up and demanding attention.
1. “Word learning theory and orthographic analogies” This is because I am knee deep in articles about the topic for my literature review of my thesis. Or course within that folder is also my ponderings on the lives of the important researchers in the field. I am beyond impressed that she has a word learning theory. I am very curious as to what Linnea Ehri does in her free time.

2. Next would be (and Nicole would confirm this I am sure) the folder labeled "Apocalypse preparations". Apparently I have been watching too many episodes of The Walking Dead lately because I keep finding myself pondering the need to sign up for self-defense classes and learn how to grow my own food.

3. Finally, “Character lives” might be the title of the last file. I tend to ponder what might be going on with my favorite characters. For instance, have Fair and Gomery found their moment under the diving board yet? How will the kids in the Gone series by Michael Grant every make it out of the bubble alive?

I can't wait to hear what others are pondering. I find the brain folders fascinating. Thanks for making me aware of them Alysia!

Erika said...

1. "Am I getting enough water a day? Is there an app for that? There has to be an app for that."

2. "Which organizational tactic is most efficient? To do lists? Also is a digital calender the way to go or should I get a giant physical one for this desk?"

3. "Who's gonna replace Matt Smith as doctor Who? Also, wwwhhhhhyyyyyyy?!?!?!?!?!??"

4. "Cheese."

Amanda W said...

A sampling:

1. Coffee
2. What I will do if x bad thing happens, including but not limited to: fire, societal colapse, loss of job, loss of spouse, middle of the night home break-in.
3. Running
4. Knitting projects
5. Things I should do -- and even want to do -- but put off in lieu of sitting on the couch/reading/watching tv/knitting/sleeping.

Nikki said...

My brain folders are often scattered about, all open, contents fluttering around like little moths finding their way into other folders. And, sometimes? I forget to give a folder a label so all sorts of wacky stuff might end up in there!

1. One of my bigger folders is probably Movies/TV, Actor Connections, and Related Trivia. It's miniscule in comparison to true film buffs, but it is almost certainly accessed daily and comes in quite handy.

2. Vegetable Trials aka Eat All the Veggies! This folder is pretty small and is just starting, as we're trying to incorporate more vegetables into our diet. For example, we've never been big cucumber eaters and suddenly we're having simple cucumber salad all the time. Our latest test? Jicama. Never had it before. Consensus? It has an earthy taste, like a potato, but a sort of sweet juiciness similar to a pear. Potearto. Root fruit. It's hard to stop munching it.

3. What If... This is the worry folder, of course. Full of crazy possibilities; some good, some bad. Mostly bad. This is the folder that has contents most guilty of creeping into other folders, but I try my best to keep it safely tucked to the side. It does, however, end up opened far more often than I'd like.

4. I really like Fair's Friend and Help folders, which reminded me of my own Step Into Their Shoes folder. It's about always trying to be understanding of another person's circumstances. If a cashier or random person is rude, maybe they're just having a bad day. And if they're just jerks? Well, the kill-them-with-kindness approach might be what they need anyhow. So it's always best to be civil and smile, even if (or especially when) you have to fake it.

Wilfair Book said...

Elisa: I'm very impressed about word learning theories being in one of your brain folders. So impressed that you'll have to picture me, extremely wide of eye, reading your comment.

I instantly regretted sharing my throbby tooth, which sounded not at all lofty and big-of-brain. :)

I like your zombie prep. We talk about that, too, at Casa Painter, and even have a meeting spot prepared, in case the "Walking Dead" comes to LA, for realz, and we're in two different places.

Characters lives! Yes. Me, too. As for Fair and Gomery and the diving board, I need to check in with them, but Fair is busy buying the motel and Gomery is deciding what he should do. Those two!!!

Erika: We are fully simpatico on 1. and 4. I actually have a Post-it that says "water" on the fridge. I do not have a Post-it that says "cheese" because I need a de-reminder -- do they make those? -- for that.

3. You know what I am going to say. You. Know. Richard Ayoade! 12th Doctor. That is all. Thank you.

2. I use both, to varying degrees of success and satisfaction.

Amanda: Are you and I mulling over 2. at approximately the same time of night? 4:15 a.m.? We might be. Take comfort in knowing there's a lady in LA who is also awake. (I usually get up, drag to the computer, and try and figure out what is happening with the diving board, metaphysical buildings, and hotel heiresses.)

1. Coffee I am VERY skilled at, running and knitting not so much, though I am the proud daughter of an accomplished knitter.

Nikki: Ha ha ha, I like the idea of forgetting to label a folder!

1. That's a total Monty folder. (And me, too, kind of. I admit it.) Rock your pop culture knowledge with pride!

2. Jicama and I have a checkered past. I want to like it, because it has the consistency of apples, kind of, but when it doesn't taste apple-sweet I feel duped. Even though it isn't jicama's fault. But jicama doesn't want to hear it, and then we part ways for a few more months. Anywho, I'm glad you've got a vege folder! Smart.

3. Your "What If..." folder sounds like you and Amanda can join me in the middle of the night. If only we could all gather in my kitchen and eat Honey Nut Cheerios out of coffee mugs. Which is what I tend to do in the early hours, sleepily.

4. That folder is 1000% Wilfair and I love it! "Step Into Their Shoes." I know. I have a dear friend who always warns that "we can never know another person's internal monologue" and I keep that in mind when dealing with curt or stressed-out humans. And I hope they keep that in mind with me.

Chiara said...

1. How to get my PhD mojo back. I've been slacking in that department and this brain folder is very prominent at the moment. I know all the tricks, I just need to do it.

2. Only a month until summer vacation! A brain folder that usually starts to appear in June when the school year is ending. A sub folder of this one is, please let all of "my kids" do well on their finals.

3. Animal rights. All the abuse of animals and how we can make this world a better place occupies a big sad folder in my brain.

4. Food! I love food and I'm always collecting recipes Sub folders of this one are, am I getting all the nutrients I need? Should I worry about my B12?

5. What should I read next? I got a huge to read list and with summer coming up, part of my brain is occupied with what to read because I'm really bad at deciding.

Nikki, I love your Step Into Their Shoes folder! More people should think like this and be more considerate of other people and their circumstances.

do dah said...

erika, #3. WHO WILL BE TWELVE? so important. and will moffat do smith justice in the christmas special? he's been... performing at less than his usual genius lately (moffat, not smith). redeem yourself with the smith legacy episode and more sherlock, sir. i demand it. (sherlock. is probably done filming by now. the excitement! alysia, i know you're with me.)

chiara, #1. i feel you. have you tried full-on hiding from it -- no guilt -- for an entire week and coming back with fresh eyes?

i'm not really organized enough to have folders, though. my brain has too many loops to fit into such an organized system.

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