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The Wilfairverse has spread its glitter-glued edges a bit further in recent weeks.

I'm still on Facebook, which I'm using to post about blog happenings. But I recently added Tumblr (as mentioned a few posts down) and Pinterest as well. I'm updating Pinterest less often but there's some character stuff there now. Hotel inspirations and more Wilfair world pins to come!

Are you on Pinterest? May I follow you? (Update: Hooray! My ladies are already suggesting pins for the characters' boards. YES. Thank you.)

I also invite you to swing by the Wilfair Tumblr and give a scroll now and then. Pictures of guys who look like Gomery get sent my way a lot by certain readers (yep, you know who you are).

I'll also occasionally sneak in a few new book things. Like this "Fairwil" snippet:


           “You press your thumbtips against the glowing letters and words form,” demonstrated Monty, making me realize I’d stood staring at my messager for several seconds, my fingers hovering tentatively above it.
           “I’m, like. Deciding.”
           “About what?” asked Gomery.
           “If I’m going to tell my parents what I’m doing. I mean, it’s more than that. I’m deciding if I’m going to start my teenage rebellion on the eve of my 20th birthday eve. I only have, ohhhh, 30 hours left to act out in totally, like, flagrant adolescent style. Is it too late to start all that the night before the day before you enter your twenties?
            “Most adolescent rebellions aren’t scheduled,” observed Gomery.
            I pocketed my messager. “Done. I’m not telling them. I might as well find out if I’m good at being bad.”
            “‘Bad’?” Monty shook his head. “Oh, Fair. This isn’t bad. This is so far from bad it is nearly on the great side of good. This is, in fact, what’s called ‘a Friday night.’ It comes somewhere after your Friday afternoon teatime but before your, uh, Saturday morning flower class, the one where you talk about flowers and then talk about how much you like talking about them.”


Wilfair HQ is right here and will be forever, but these are a couple of new outposts I enjoy visiting.

If you see the orange wallpaper square, you're in the right place!


Caitlin D. said...

Hey now, be fair, sometimes on Tumblr we post pictures of guys who look like Monty, too. :)

Caitlin #2 said...

I know, right? I actually can't see Zachary Quinto any more without thinking of Monty (unless he's in Spock makeup). I'm totally okay with this development, though.

Kelly said...

Didn't realise you were on Pinterest, I am now following you.

I have a minor Pinterest problem, I have to restrict myself to only visiting it a certain number of times a week, as I cant seem to go on there without it having a weird time-warpy effect where I have suddenly and accidentally spent several hours looking at amazing houses and pretty dresses and baby animals.

Wilfair Book said...

Caitlin #1: Word.

Caitlin #2: I 1000% support this Zachary Quinto-as-Monty theory. Spock make-up or not.

Kelly: I know what you mean about "time-warpy" -- oof. Both Tumblr and Pinterest. I have the "just one more post/picture" issue, where if I just look at one more post or picture then I can close it. Then it is always one more, one more, one more...

Speaking of baby animals, creating some Pinterest boards for the characters made me realize Sutton likes pictures of baby animals. I didn't know that before.

Sutton's two online loves: baby animals and completely complicated algebraic theorems.

kitzie said...

How can I find this flower class? I want to talk about flowers! And how much I love them! (ok, for realz I kind of already know where to find this class. On Sat morning and everything. Cuz I'm old and dorky, see below. I just haven't joined it yet.)

And this Zachary Quinto thing above is slightly disturbing. Am I unique in that I see him and think "Sylar the hella psycho serial killa" or, you know, "the American Horror Story with the totes sexy partner hella psycho serial killa"? And that's not how I see Monty. (shocker there, right?) Gosh, now, sometime when I'm not at work, I'm going to have to check out these new-fangled websites and investigate Sylar as Monty. And then maybe I'll tell them to get off my lawn!

Wilfair Book said...

kitzie: Did you know the real AHS house is not too far from The Wilfair? I'm not even joking. The neighborhood it is in is plenty historic and spooky, too. So obvs. I have to live there one day.

Let's take that flower class together, okay? Be right up. Also, I need a terrarium class, too, because I took one but didn't learn how to not make the wee little ferns inside go wilty.

do dah said...

the atomic toys pin is the actual best! i'm pretty sure if i fall into pinterest i won't fall back out again until i'm shriveled and dehydrated and almost dead, so i'm basically going to avoid it forever. but. i WANT that helmet and ray gun. (i met a guy who makes ray guns at comic con last weekend... guess i should've been more comprehensive about it and talked my way into a ray gun of my very own? just kidding, i don't have those skills)

do dah said...

um, even more disturbing? my ex boyfriend used to make the exact same face that dog is making.

Wilfair Book said...

do dah: Please don't become dehydrated/shriveled/dead! I'd miss you.

You should have something magical and sci-fi in your fantasy trunk!

How was Comic-Con? Did you meet George Takei? Will you send a pic of what you wore, possibly for blog publication?

That is EXACTLY the fact I wanted to know about your ex-boyfriend. I'd wondered. Thank you, do dah.

do dah said...

after i posted that, i definitely spent time squealing out loud at several of the other pins. the equation book on sutton's page? IS ON MY DESK RIGHT NOW. and so much love for the Who love and the giant movie star hat. have i mentioned that i want Thurs Mathers, Man of Mystery to have his own, slightly cheesy, mildly fictionalized 60s-style tv show? it would be amazing. although i do suspect the character would be a bit of a craven playboy. but the scenes where all of the Sexy Aunts are suddenly artfully arranged around a mod room? so great! and the wingtips. oh god, the wingtips. (my weaknesses include both brogues, as in the shoes, and brogue, as in the accent. and maybe the word itself, too!)

i didn't get to meet The Takei in person, but i did get to hear his panel. and "oh myyyyy" is even better in real life. :)

Ginny said...

I've been loving the Wilfair pinterest! :) It's kind of like a little guessing game to figure out what pin is for which character as I scroll down!

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