Bumper Stickers and Best Friends

There's no 1:1 correlation with people in the books and people in my life, but it is very hard to deny the Sutton-o-sity of my forever pal Tracy. She's the woman who will ride the tar pits sloths without a blink and paint my toenails "Stay Awhile" green as a treat.

She's smaller than me but large and in charge in all ways, so there's a dash of Sutton there, too. And we likely rock something of a Fair-Sutton paradigm, too. If I fret she pushes me forward. And I have never, and I mean never, seen her take an ounce of guff from anyone. I'm a lifelong guff-taker, or at least guff-manager, but Tracy is an excellent boundary-keeper.

Thus it was a surprise but not a surprise when, out of the blue, she handed me a stack of Motel Fairwil bumper stickers over the weekend. She knew I'd wanted to make some stickers but the process is a bit pricey. So she went and just got the damn thing done herself. (Another shade of Sutton.)

The upshot? I now have a great little gift for people who visit me at Wilshire and Fairfax. Oh yes. This is the new corner giveaway! Plus a snickerdoodle and a local postcard, as has been tradition.

If you don't think you'll ever get out to Los Angeles but still want one, please ping me and we can work it out. I'm not stingy! Especially with a gift from a friend. Spread the love, is my motto (or one of my many mottoes, rather).

Thank you, Tracy! I love you. I wish everyone could know you, too. They do, a little, if they read the books, but you are beyond any fictional person. My awesome ladyfriend for life.


bess said...

What an awesome gift and an awesomer (not a word but I'm leaving it) friend! Out of nowhere gifts are perhaps the best kind of gift.

do dah said...

how awesome! on both counts, as bess said. do you think you have to be careful where they're put?

Wilfair Book said...

Of course, do dah! VERY careful. I've been handling them with a pair of industrial-sized metal tongs.

Bess -- so agree on surprise gifts. Although I tend to get a tad flustered and "oh gosh"-y, which is never very charming.

Erika said...

I put this photo as my coverphoto on FB. I cannot wait for the questions to role in!!

Wilfair Book said...



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