The world's most famous pop culture convention is happening just a few hours south of the corner of Wilshire Boulevard and Fairfax Avenue this weekend. Comic-Con International!

The Overbove cousins only attended for the first time last year. Monty took a day off from the motel to go down and catch a few panels. He persuaded Gomery to join, and they take the train down, NOT the freeway, which stays extra busy between Los Angeles and San Diego come Comic-Con weekend.

Poring over the schedule on the way south, Monty grilled his cousin on what he wanted to see, and they hit upon one or two mutual activities (like big sci-fi blockbuster-type stuff).

Monty stops talking when Gomery catches a 20-minute nap. He'd woken up during the night twice, once to help a cranky guest with a stuck door and once to see why someone kept honking their car horn out on Wilshire. While Gomery sleeps Monty makes several new friends on the train car, models a few superhero capes that other riders have stashed in their luggage, and gratefully accepts a cup of coffee bought by a friendly young woman dressed as Enid from "Ghost World."

Another woman, dressed as Bat Girl, drapes her cape over the sleeping Gomery at his cousin's request. Surrounding passengers "awwww," then return to discussing the convention schedule.

Gomery is not surprised, upon waking, to find that any of this has transpired.

Sutton drives down. She has also been to Comic-Con once, with a bunch of people from her junior year math team. She's a fan of genre television shows -- spunky girl detectives and mysteries, mostly -- and she wants to hear what the creators on various panels have to say about what's ahead for the next season.

She did not wear a costume but vows to return next year dressed as Wonder Woman or famous mathematician Emmy Noether.

Prior Yates and Clementine Hwang are both at Comic-Con, too, but for work, not play. They're there as panelists, Prior for two films and the crime show that sometimes uses the Motel Fairwil for a setting and Clementine for innovations in sound. She'll also give a demo with her reel-to-reel, explaining what she searches for when recording ambient noise.

Prior is kept away from his fans by a cadre of guards as he's shepherded off stage but Clementine hangs out on the convention floor, chatting up other audio enthusiasts and agreeing to listen to the samples of leaves crunching and metal grinding they want to send her.

Gomery and Monty walk by Clementine, and Monty pauses, wanting to introduce himself, but changes his mind, despite his cousin's encouragement. I wonder if Monty knows he'll meet her at the Mmm Mmm Cafe soon? (Shhhh. Don't tell him.)

Fair Finley does not attend Comic-Con. With so many international stars flying into California to attend, she stays busy at The Wilfair, which sees some convention lap-over after the event wraps.

If she could have gone, she would have totally attended one of the Prior Yates panels, because he's handsome and charming as can be. She'd love to meet him, one day.

Like that will ever happen.

I'm only sorry she didn't take the train with the Overboves, because that would have been a fun and spontaneous thing for her to do. The train to San Diego is called The Pacific Surfliner, and it chug-chugs by some gorgeous beaches and palms and coves.

Just a little one-day vacation for busy Ms. Finley. Though, on second thought, she'd probably have slept past the pretty sights, not unlike the tired man blanketed by a stranger's shiny superheroine cape.

cr: Kevin Dooley


Erika said...

Love this! I was there on Thursday and I had a major blast!

do dah said...

also love. erika, totally jealous. what was your favorite?

Wilfair Book said...

Erika! What all did you do? I need to live vicariously.

Erika said...

Hey guys!! Not ignoring you! I just want to be link-tactic in my reply and share as much as possible and this week has been insane! Will try for tonight

Wilfair Book said...

You are too cute, Erika. That response is so me. I'm always like "gahhh, more to say, gotta find links, but no time!" Ha ha ha ha.

Now I feel better for all the times I've responded in this way in the comments! And take all the time you need, we just want to know (and be jealous, though maybe I'm speaking for me and not do dah -- do dah?)

do dah said...

i'm enjoying my jealousy, yes. ;)

Wilfair Book said...

I'm so happy you backed me up on this matter, do dah.

Erika said...

I want you to know I've made strides to write this comment. I just am in a wedding and it's eating up all of my time! I am sorry for the delay!! I can tell you that I have at least 10 links. Yep...

Erika said...

OKAY! Long long long wait… meet thy reward.

Okay so first things first, the hubs won a slot for tickets and grabbed us some one day passes for Thursday. We had no plan we just wanted to go and Thursday seemed like a good day. I’d been so I knew my way around but it was the hubs’ first time. Stars in his eyes all day. Very anime.

We went to a panel first wherein Christine Feehan (The Dark Series),Claudia Gray (Spellcaster), Aprilynne Pike (Earthbound), Lauren Kate (The Fallen Novels), Kendare Blake (Antigoddess), and Magnus Flyte (City of Dark Magic). Made us laugh hysterically! There were a lot of stories about parents reading love scenes and the hilarity that ensues with that.

After that we ran down to the showroom floor. The showroom floor is undoubtedly my favorite part. You get to meet creators, see amazing art, and buy pins. I am obsessed with pins. Pins all over my lanyard. Yessssssssss. Here are some amazing artists that I met and were amazing. – I spent a lot at her booth. She had pins, and magents, and artwork. Also she was awesome and had literary art. I love literary art. Also Star Wars art and Doctor Who art and Princess Bride art. So much win in such a small place. – Alphabet Animals…it gets me every time - It’s just cool – so many details!! – no need for explanation. – baby hippo. That is all I will say. – little vampires….awesome

Now, I cannot speak about these guys enough. They are smart. They are funny. They are talented. They also told us stories for almost an hour. We love them.

Enjoys ladies!!

Wilfair Book said...



Love, Alysia

P.S. I will dig into these over the next day or so! WOW.

do dah said...

oh, these are lovely! the gorgonist's bad day monsters make me pretty happy, especially the little thunderstorm one.

they're all fantastic, actually. thanks for curating them for us! you have good taste. :)

Wilfair Book said...

Okay, Erika, loved reading all of this. And now I want a pic of your lanyard and all of your pins! And I agree with you: The floor is the best. I can spend a whole Comic-Con there (and kind of have, even with a broken foot and cast, which I had on my last visit. Total dedication).

Uhhhhh, and I don't mean to freak you out but THE GORGONIST. I have her site bookmarked because I've thought about asking her to draw a boiler for the Wilfair site. Because I saw her illustration of this old-school steampunky boiler months ago:

Total mind meld! We love the same artist. Not a shocker. Still, I literally said "NO WAY" when I saw you had a Gorgonist link. :)

Adored poking through all of your links but have a soft spot for Mike Yamada's landscapes and Amy Mebberson, of course!

Thank you so much for sharing. I wish I could have gone this year but you were a wonderful rep and reported back in full. xo

Erika said...

Gorgonist is soooooo ridiculously nice. Also her artwork makes me "ooh" "aah" and buy things.

I'm glad you guys like the links!!

Also, Alysia, you must as for boiler scene. You must!!! I'd buy a copy!!!

Will take photos of the lanyards for sure :)

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