Dancing in the Wilfair World

One of the places you'll most likely find dancing on a regular basis, outside of a dance studio, club, or theater, is a hotel.

If a hotel has a ballroom or conference rooms, it hosts events. Many of those events are going to be weddings or socials or proms. But even work-related to-dos sometimes feature a dance option on the last night.

Fair Finley can dance. Probably not in a highly polished way, but she knows the basic steps to five or six traditional dances. She's seen many a ball in her own home and can hum any waltz or big band tune, top to bottom.

And does Fair dance alone in her room? Often. Every day. I only hope her curtains are closed.

Sutton Von Hunt is very at ease with herself and would try any step, whether she'd learned it or not. Her senior prom is just ahead and I'm hoping she'll ask Prior Yates. He'd totally go because that would be Nice Town to say yes.

Prior Yates knows the tango, swing, Lindy Hop, and a dozen other styles he's had to perform on film. He's pretty good, too. As is Clementine Hwang, and not simply because she has an affinity for the beat. The Foley artist likes to experiment with genres and move in a way that isn't expected.

I suspect Billie and Jeri Overbove, the mothers of Monty and Gomery, made the boys take a six-week summer course on grace and courtesy back when they were tweens. Not that they weren't mostly gregarious with motel guests by that age, because they were. But they lived at their workplace and their mothers likely craved a bit more polish, when it came to dealing with the public, for both young gentlemen. And dance lessons were surely part of that plan.

Thurs Mathers likely owns the copyright to a dance but doesn't necessarily follow up with legal action if he sees it performed. He juuuust might have a soft center. Plus? He's way too busy to be concerned with coming down on people who are enjoying themselves.

I will dance in any place at any time if music is playing. Or not. If I start snapping my fingers then I am DONE. Meaning I'll be in a full strut in under a minute. It doesn't bother me if people see me because I know, deep down, they want to dance, too.

Do not think this is Magic-Pixie-Dream-Girl-ish of me, please. I'm just a lady who loves to shake it when the opportunity for shaking it presents itself.

My favorite dance classes are all of them. I especially fancy Bollywood, ballet, and modern. I cannot two-step or line dance but I want to learn. Am I good? I'm all in, if that matters, though definitely rough-edged on several levels.

What's your favorite dance? Did you celebrate National Dance Day on July 27? Here in LA there was a giant, come-one-come-all choreographed routine in Grand Park, and the fountain of Grand Park. I would have gone, if I'd been free, because the chance to dance with thousands of other people outside appeals.

You may remember another lively dance number that was filmed in that very spot, in "(500) Days of Summer."


Caitlin #2 said...

This - "I'm just a lady who loves to shake it when the opportunity for shaking it presents itself." - while also representing my own attitude towards dancing, can really only make me think of this: http://video.adultswim.com/space-ghost-coast-to-coast/fred-willard.html (the quote I'm thinking of is the note at the very end)

Because....I'm different.

Wilfair Book said...

Ah yeah!

Also? ZORAK! The best.

Also? "Ha ha ha, now THAT'S an anecdote"

Also? "Sincerely, a ghost."

bess said...

I looove spontaneous dance scenes. When I used to ride the subway I would imagine dance scenes/music videos with the other passengers to go along with whatever I was listening to.

These dance posts also inspired me to watch Footloose last night which features the best empty warehouse angry dance scene ever captured on film.

Erika said...

Bollywood films fill me with absolute joy because of the spontaneous dance scenes, Bess. Bride and prejudice? Be still my ever-loving heart!!

I came home and danced with my nephew, he likes spontaneous dances. Living with him has allowed me to let go of being nervous dancing in public, sometime he demands entertainment... In the middle of Target, or the train museum... And I comply.

do dah said...

i want my real life to be filled with spontaneous dance sequences. ones that are as happy and polished as that very 500 days of summer scene. i liked joseph gordon levitt, and then i learned that he dances on purpose (aka, that couple of dances he did with zooey deschanel just to be twee: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rtVh8kVZ_XM). it's probably very hipster of him, but i adore him for it anyways. gosh, remember him as a wee little alien with 90s hair?

i probably need to fall into bollywood for just that reason, but am not a huge fan of love story movies. any suggestions?

i am game for any choreographed dance, but kind of hate freestyling. i would much rather watch others do it than do it myself. i think this is because dance floor mob scenes make me feel like the offspring of chewbacca and the jolly green giant, and i'm suddenly very afraid of squishing all of the little gnome-sized people around me. not sure why, normally i like being intimidatingly tall.

Wilfair Book said...

bess: "the best empty warehouse angry dance scene every captured on film." I want to festoon this sentence in lights.

Erika: That's incredibly sweet that you dance with your nephew! Dancing in Target is also highly recommended. All those aisles... I can see a big dance number there.

do dah: JGL's 90s hair is the best hair. And I, too, sometimes feel like the child of the Jolly Green Giant and Chewbacca.

Did I tell you I went as Chewbacca for Halloween in the 5th grade? I mean, I owned that. Even my walk was highly Chewbacca-esque.

Do you out-tall me? I think you might. When will you visit LA so I can find out?

do dah said...

i know we've had discussions about chewbacca, but do not know whether the costume was disclosed (how many times do you get to write THAT sentence?). photographic awesomeness is requested.

i will get to la as soon as i have spare dollars... which is a bit of an uphill slog at the moment. but it's totally on my shortest short list. i've already asked for the trip as a christmas present, although it's unlikely to actually manifest. :) planning ahead.

Wilfair Book said...

"i know we've had discussions about chewbacca" is one of the best comment openers ever, on any site, fact.

I may need to do some digging at the parents' house for that photo.

Keep me updated on a potential California visit. I have opinions on what people should do here. Strong, colorful, highly flavored opinions. I will plan your trip or most of it, if you ask me to, but maybe even if you don't.

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