Fair and Sutton by Myranda

You've met reader Myranda in her reader spotlight and her many interesting comments. We've discovered she adores the smell of bergamot and she cried over the 2009 "Star Trek" -- yay and yay! -- well, crying isn't a "yay" but emoting over something moving is -- and we've simply learned she knows a lot about a lot.

I did not know, however, that she's an expert Polyvorer like our own Erika. But, hey hey, look at this: She's put together some stylin' looks for two Wilfair women: Fair Finley and Sutton Von Hunt! Beautifully done, Ms. Myranda.

Here are the sweet outfits and her Polyvore notes:

Fair-ly Patriotic

Perhaps Fair Finley (from the Wilfair series of books by Alysia Gray Painter) would dress in this sailor-inspired, patriotic ensemble for a Fourth of July celebration.

The Music So Fair

A musical-inspired outfit for Fair Finley. (Those dots aren't regular dots---they're hearts!)

Sutton Von Hunt's Day Off

Check out the name of those shoes, Fruit Stand Cutie! Is this outfit fitting for our fabulous fruitcheress, Sutton Von Hunt?

Myranda, I enjoyed the HECK out of these!

1. The Fourth of July outfit is zingy and that hat is sooo Fair Finley. Plus, The Wilfair Hotel totally throws a party each year, maybe with a few small-scale fireworks.Why can I see Monty lounging on a pool raft watching them from the deep end? I can.
2. The shoes in the music outfit must be mine. Must! I like a music theme for Fair, too, since a lot of bands play in the hotel. And there's always music on the overhead soundsystem, mostly ambient, easy-listening stuff. That may change soon, though. :)
3. I cannot believe the name of those sandals is "Fruit Stand Cutie" -- uhhh, perfect. This is a great get-up, too, and I like the inclusion of a cutting board.

Thanks again, lady! More Polyvore, more, more! I love these outfit creations in a way that might be a tad, uh. Worrisome. Like I pore over every last detail. That's a positive, right?


myrandaroyann said...

And all of these items come from my obsession, Modcloth! I love their names for all of their items, they're so clever and fun. I have those shoes from the music outfit in another color (gray and navy). I had to return the black ones because they were too big. :( I hope the smaller size comes back in stock!

do dah said...

those polka dot shoes are perfection! except that if you actually wore them, the pristine white fabric would get all foot-covered, which is sad.

i also love sutton's necklace. nicely assembled!

myrandaroyann said...

Thanks, do dah! That necklace is called, "A Sense of Self-Earth." ;) The bracelet is called, "Colorful Personality." I thought the names fit Sutton, as well.

do dah said...

i like it, they do!

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