Fan Letters

Fan letters are a funny thing. They probably have a few definitions, but my feeling is they are just a short and sweet missive declaring that you've enjoyed something created by somebody. Funny enough, I'm most stomach-squidgy about writing writers, although I'm moving past that.

I've written four letters in my life that could qualify as fan letters. The recipients:

The Captain and Tennille

The singing duo stayed in the Marriott Hotel my dad managed when I was a very small girl. I colored a picture for them as a little welcome to my home. They were at the hotel to play a show at the nearby music venue, a show that was my first concert. "Love Will Keep Us Together" is still THE BEST. (One last thought: This means my first fan letter was basically in crayon.)

Lois Duncan

One of my favorite authors when I was 9 and 10 and in my all-time hall of fame. "Summer of Fear" still scares the socks off me (especially the terrifying *1980s cover). I wrote Ms. Duncan a few years ago to say thank you and she wrote back! And was so nice and responded to points I made. Sigh. A thrill.

Wendy Carlos

Modern electronica owes much to this wonderful composer, a true genius who combines classical pieces -- think Bach -- with joyful synth. Ms. Carlos is the artist behind the soundtracks for "The Shining" and "A Clockwork Orange," two movies that have completely distinctive sounds. Huge fan. Her take on the Brandenburg Concertos is so good, it's practically the soundtrack, in my head, for the Wilfair books.

Amy Vernon

Ms. Vernon is a new media maven and has a giant brain. She also has the best Tumblr -- a mix of high-minded smartiness and random pictures of cats springing out of cardboard boxes -- so I dropped her a line to say I enjoyed it. She kindly wrote back and was as witty as her blog.

* Okay, I'm a little scared to even share this cover, but, seriously, it terrifies me. I remember reading it for the first time (of many) the week I stayed with my grandmother when I was 9. Every night, before bed, I had to make sure the book's cover was *face down* on the nightstand, even though I couldn't see it with the lights off. I just couldn't fall sleep if the book's cover faced up.

I'm only happy this image is so wee!

Have you ever written a letter to an artist you liked?


Caitlin #1 said...

You were my first!

Amy Vernon said...

I'm in the same company as Captain & Tennille? *Flustered*

Seriously, though, thanks. :)

Wilfair Book said...

Caitlin #1: Aren't you so, so sorry now? ;)

Amy: Oh good gravy you commented on my blog! Thanks for stopping by! Total exclamation points!!!

do dah said...

a couple of times, but you are BY FAR the most fun

Wilfair Book said...

do dah, that statement is so nice, thank you, too kind. BUT you have not been forthcoming about the people you wrote. You. Have. Not. Been. Forthcoming.

No names, just fields. Musicians? Princes? Prince?

do dah said...

piers anthony is the one i remember, because he wrote back. i absolutely WOULD'VE written to l.m. montgomery, but i am not a medium.

i also wrote a bunch of letters to companies whose products i liked or did not like, and most of them also wrote back (in my head, these things are connected). i sent mattel an idea for a doll, and they sort of rudely said they had people for that. a year later, though? they totally made something veeeeeery similar to my idea. poo-heads.

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