Fashion Wizard: Reader Erika!

There are a few twisty, twirly Wilfair tendrils that extend off this blog. Tumblr and Pinterest are two, but I also have a soft spot for Polyvore.

Someone else who has a soft spot for Polyvore, and a knack for putting together a stylish outfit, is our own reader Erika. Remember she dreamed up those wonderful ugly sweater outfits for the Wilfair characters, just in time for Christmas? Loved.

So we got to talking in this thread about taking on some famous characters, specifically Disney characters, but with a genderbend cosplay twist. This delightful DisneyBound outfit -- Cinderella for a guy -- was discussed and Erika got inspired.

You can see many of her fabulous sartorial creations on her Polyvore page, including her manly Maleficent (who looks soooo Thurs Mathers to me), but I wanted to highlight a couple here.

Like... Lightning McQueen! Ka-chow!

Lightning McQueen, diamond KACHOW!!

And Captain Hook!

Lady Captain Hook, complete with croc skin phone case

Erika, these are Mickeyriffic. I pored over each detail you chose. So good.

(Also, one more note: Erika creates modern-day outfits for book characters. Check out her take on Emma. Now I want to do a post on just these looks!)

So I, too, was inspired to try my own male-female mash-up after seeing Erika's outfits. I do not have her talent, not a bit, but here's my take on Fair Finley dressing as Gomery Overbove. My favorite parts are the celestial tights -- I needed something science -- and the necktie necklace. Oh, the brown corduroy skirt complete with those all important belt loops, of course!


Kelly said...

These are amazing, especially the Captain Hook one - I would wear that entire outfit. And I really want some galaxy tights now!

Have you guys seen DisneyBound?

Its basically lots and lots of Disney Themed outfits.

Siobhan Egan said...

Love this!!!!

Wilfair Book said...

Kelly: Yes, Captain Hook! The fishhook earrings are the best.

I know you would wear that outfit and that is why we are pals.

Actually, DisneyBound got us talking in the thread I linked to, specifically a Cinderella outfit for a gentleman that I just loved.

So pulled that out a little more in the post. Ohhhh, plus a shout-out for Erika's modern-day outfits for iconic book characters. Really good.

Can I reveal here that I kind of want the DisneyBound spirit to be applied to every creative property? I can see myself getting a little obsessed.

Siobhan: Hi! Yay!

Kelly said...

Ha oh dear I was obviously still half asleep / too distracted by pretty outfits to notice that you already mentioned DisneyBound, sorry!

Yeah I would love to see more DisneyBound spin-offs for lots of other books and movies. The whole idea of sneaking fancy dress into every day life appeals to me on many levels.

Wilfair Book said...

No, no, Kelly, you read it right! I just bubbled up the DisneyBound info because it had been mentioned in the comment thread, or had a link at least, so I wanted to loop it into the post after your earlier comment.

In short? My fault. I wrote this post too late last night. My brain was less than sharp.

I love DisneyBound! I wish every creative company had something like it.

Agree, fancy dress, or at least whimsical touches, should happen more in every day life.

What would you wear on a daily basis if given the chance? I'm trying to do red lipstick more. Just, even, for smaller outings. And interesting boots.

myrandaroyann said...

I love these! I envy people who can make polyvore sets look pretty. :) I LOOOOOOOVE the Fair Interprets Gomery set. Are those celestial tights from Modcloth? I think they're on my Love List (I'm addicted to Modcloth!).

Kelly said...

Ooh ok, glad I'm not entirely losing my mind just yet!

I wish I could pull off red lipstick. It doesn't suit me at all, so despite many attempts I have finally had to accept it's not for me. I did just buy a really great bright pink lipstick instead though, and I've been wearing it everywhere (even to the gym once, when everything else about me looked like it had rolled straight out of bed).

I'm trying to wear high heels more as well. I was feeling a bit sad that some of my pretty shoes hadn't seen daylight in months, so I figured I'd try wearing some to work. The problem is my work is so casual that if you turn up in heels and make-up people look at you like you just walked in wearing Julia Roberts outfit from the beginning of pretty woman. Plus I had evil blisters by the end of the day, so not a totally successful experiment!

bess said...

I would legitimately wear everything in that Fair/Gomery section! It's very much my style. And that captain hook jacket is gorgeous!You're good, Erika!

Siobhan- fancy running into you here?!

Wilfair Book said...

Myranda! You should put together a Modcloth outfit for the blog! It doesn't need to be Wilfair-oriented. I'd be delighted to post! Oh, and here are those cosmic tights. I, too, am a little in tight love.

Kelly: My red lipstick forays are still pretty nascent. I finally found one that's a) affordable (I don't keep a huge make-up budget) and b) not "hard" or too powdery. I like more of a soft blue-red. We'll see if I keep it up.

I'm also venturing into heels, too. Wider heels, very wide, not sexy, strutty heels, but those count, too, right?

Bess: I can see you in that jacket. I want that jacket. The flared skirt portion is what makes it for me. And I know, look who is comin' round Wilfair HQ now? My heart glows a little brighter.

do dah said...

these are delightful. the details!

kelly -- fix work by showing up wearing the julia roberts outfit. those boots are rad anyways. of course, you could always just persist in wearing what you feel like wearing and everyone else will eventually get over their inferiority complexes. or, so says my life. mostly.

Erika said...

I can't wear heels.
It's very sad.
My feet rebel and my knees, the weak willed, always cave to peer pressure and follow. I end up better acquainted with the floor.

I love, love, love the Gomery outfit! Especially the watch and tie necklace! It also makes me want to chant "Monty! Monty! Monty!" In anticipation of a Monty one. Perty please!

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