Ginny, Melodee, and Jake Visit Wilshire and Fairfax!

I like a get-together that boasts several items on the roster. I've never been one just for tea and nothing else or a fast lunch and goodbye. I like a trolley ride, a visit to the tar pits, and dinner, and more when it comes to my social outings. And mostly I like great company.

Which is just what happened when Melodee, Ginny, and Jake met me for a corner picture and an evening of happy socializing.

You've met these wonderful Nevadans on this blog. Ginny dressed in vintage style, a la Fair Finley, complete with snood and gloves, alongside with her handsome husband Chris, in this motel photo shoot. And you got to know her wonderful mom Melodee in the reader spotlight she and Ginny shared. And Jake, Ginny's son, has made a cameo on the Wilfair blog, too (with a fruit sculpture, no less). He is very smart young man and was game enough to join in the LA shenanigans. Thanks, Jake!

The ladies and young gentleman paid a visit to the tar pits museum. I met them there, then we headed to Wilshire and Fairfax, where leis were donned -- not by me, as we were short one, but I wore a flowery shirt to make up for that fact -- and various poses were assumed. The Wilfair "rrowr" was suggested by Melodee, who is full of good suggestions, so that is the one below.

We met back up later at Farmers Market for dinner and a trolley ride, which was ostensibly for Jake's amusement, but, let's be honest: Everyone loves a good trolley, especially when you can ride on top. The Grove, which is next to Farmers Market, has a pretty famous one, all green and shiny brass, so we rode it both ways. Then we hung out by the center's dancing waters and chatted into the evening. So. Fun.

Thank you, ladies and Jake, for visiting me in Los Angeles. We fell right into easy conversation just as if we go way back. And my opinion is that we do. Can Wilfair HQ lend that time-folding feeling, that you've known someone a long time? I believe so. LA's door is always open for you, my nifty Nevada crew. Hugs all around.

Oh, and here's some merry muggery atop the trolley. Glasses-wearing ladies 4evr! (Yes, I did change from the corner picture, because LA was having a very humid day. My Nevada people stayed as fresh as flowers but me? I wilted. Just so you know I'm not a fashionista who rotates several outfits a day. I mean, I probably have that propensity within me, somewhere, but, the weather was the reason.)


Nikki said...

Your shadows created a multi-limbed rrowr monster! I love it!

Wilfair Book said...

I heard a rumor that Melodee noticed the same thing! Good eye, Nikki.

It was a really fun evening. I believe each reader meet-up has a dash of magic to it (as evidenced by our shadow "rrowr" monster). :)

bess said...

What an adorable group!

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