Monty at the Movies

Friday, 4:59 p.m. Monty Overbove gets out of his final class for the week and returns to the motel to find his mom working the front desk, his aunt in the diner, and his cousin studying. Monty cleans the pool, re-inflates a couple of toys, mends the sagging volleyball net, warns kids not to horse around on the diving board, and heads to the diner to grab a club sandwich.

5:57: He scrolls through movie times on his phone while he eats. His hometown brims with interesting movie palaces, but he chooses to stick to the Motel Fairwil's neighborhood for the night, so he can go out on foot. His mom and aunt might need the van or Gomery could have a date. Unlikely, but, you know, one has to hold out hope, Monty thinks. He continues to thumb-scroll as he pops the last bit of <redacted> from the club sandwich in his mouth.

6:26: A visit to Room 127 lets Monty know his cousin will again work the front desk, so their moms can have Friday night off, but Gomery doesn't have plans after. Monty's marquee bulbs glow as he pitches his cousin a plan: Walk up and join his group at the theater for the late show. Gomery vows he'll consider it. Monty begs him to put the "No Vacancy" sign on and leave. Gomery smiles and nods absently.

6:43: Monty strolls up Fairfax Avenue, passing Orange Street, Levitated Mass, the antique store selling the scary Blinky-Eye Bird, Molly Malone's Irish Pub, and find his buddies at Farmers Market. He eats off their plates, a follow-up to his club sandwich, and buys a cinema magazine at the newsstand.

7:45: Movie #1 starts, and depending what he and his film friends want to see, they'll walk to...

Pacific Theatres at the Grove: Blockbusters, new movies, fancy lobby, solid star-sightings

Silent Movie Theatre: The famous 1940s silent film venue near Fairfax and Melrose Avenue. Now mostly not-silent, it shows all sorts of esoteric arthouse fare.

New Beverly Cinema: The double-feature powerhouse of LA. The best spot to see two 1960s-era westerns or a pair of 1980s punk romances. Monty is usually up for either, as long as no one talks during the film (his pet peeve).

LACMA: The closest theater to the motel, the theater at the Los Angeles Museum of Art often screens films that tie-in to current art exhibits.

9:15: Monty strolls to the theater lobby following the closing credits' completion -- he never, ever exits during the credits -- to text his cousin.

M: Check-ins?

G: Nope

M: Get over herre! Turn sign on! Damn it, Jim!

G: When's the next one?

M: 10

G: Tired

M: Get over here! Were walking down there & getting you.

G: What is it?

M:  1970s future dystopian. smart people in jumpsuits. you'd love it.

G: Logan's Run?

M: Y

G: 20 min

M: Carla will be outside w/ your ticket

G: Who's Carla?

M: Class friend. Told her about you.

G: I bet. 20 min. I buy my ticket.

M: Leaving the motel! breaking the cycle! i just died from disbelief.

G: Aisle?

M: I'm aisle. Youre next to Carla.

G: Havent showered. Tired. Likely fragrant.

M: I told her you smell. Bye. 20 min. Dont no-show on me. Luv ya.

G: Was that a guilt "luv ya"?

M: You no-show, I no-show you!

G: No idea what that means.

9:44: Gomery arrives to find Monty and Carla outside with his ticket. He's all sorts of embarrassed but accepts it, then offers to buy popcorn. Monty scoffs then demands his cousin's silence during the film.

11:49: Monty, Gomery, and Monty's posse, including Carla, who did not think Gomery smelled, head for Canter's Deli for turkey sandwiches, matzoh ball soup, some live music in the Kibitz Room, and people-watching. Gomery talks future dystopian societies as Monty steers the conversation back to the humans at the table.

12:58 a.m.: Monty and Gomery walk home, only to find a traveler asleep against his suitcase outside the lobby. Both guys feel instantly guilty and Monty offers to handle. Gomery lets his cousin check the sleepy guest in and heads for bed, wondering why he discussed nitty-gritty science concepts with all of Monty's lively film friends instead of talking, oh, about anything else.

12:59: Fair Finley, getting up to refill her water glass, glances out her window and wonders why the Overboves are awake. Double date? An adventure? Something mysterious? Her imagination reels.

1:13: Monty falls asleep and dreams about inflatable pool toys, movie trailers, and his friends.

1:27: Fair falls asleep and dreams about work.

1:28: Gomery falls asleep and dreams he's in a 1970s science fiction film.

(Logan's Run)


do dah said...

"damn it, jim!" is my favorite part of that series. it's always so well delivered. :)

also, "redacted?" love.

Wilfair Book said...

I probably say "Damn it, Jim!" a couple of times a week. About anything, good, bad, doesn't matter.

kitzie said...

"wondering why he discussed nitty-gritty science concepts with all of Monty's lively film friends instead of talking, oh, about anything else" - I get this, Gomery. You are so not alone.



Wilfair Book said...

kitzie: You can explain science movies to me ANY time. My attention shall be rapt. Rapt, I say!

What's your favorite science movie? If you don't have a favorite science movie, about a favorite type of science movie?

I smell a post ahead.

kitzie said...

Okay, I've been thinking about this one all morning... and I think my favorite science movies are scifi movies. Usually the science isn't solid, but as long as it's not completely terrible about things that are already well known (I'm looking at you The Day After Tomorrow, 2012, and Armageddon), I'll let the rules bend happily. Here's what I came up with:

Real Genius*
Madame Curie
28 Days Later
Jurassic Park*

And I've never seen this one, but I should see it and I think I'll probably like it a lot: "Inherit the Wind" about the Scopes trial which was so freaking important to science.

Wow, I guess I like this topic! :)

*Things that either a)I saw when I was too young to know about bad science or b)are just plain amusing enough that I don't care about bad science or c)both get past my filter and I love them regardless of their shortcomings

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