Paprika Southern

Bess Bieluczyk -- you all know Bess, one of our regular visitors -- was the first person to write me about reading the books. Her letter knocked my socks off (I think I was actually wearing socks) and we have stayed in touch since.

I will never not be charmed by the memory of Bess saying she told her dentist about the books. If I tell my dentist anything he responds with "that's nice but floss your back molars more." (I like my dentist despite his molar-based badgering.)

Ms. Bess is a photographer and she knows a lot of interesting art people. (I like "art people" and I'm leaving it.) Siobhan Egan is one such art person. Bess told Siobhan about Wilfair, Siobhan -- or "Sib" as Bess charmingly calls her -- and I started talking, and she said she and some pals had started a new magazine devoted to style and art and Southern flair. Name? Paprika Southern.

Paprika! I love the spice, the color, and the Satoshi Kon film. Perfect name, Siobhan!

So here is the fun end result of that dialogue: Siobhan has kindly written a fantastic piece about the series. It's in the latest issue, and yes, my parents are thrilled! I am, too!

And I'm even more thrilled because Bess is in this issue, too, talking about "Anne of Green Gables," which just happens to be a book I reference as well. Total Anne synchronicity! Bess is on page 10, so be sure to check out how she'd dress a modern Anne (the carrot necklace is fab). Also, yay, a pretty photo of Ms. Bieluczyk, too! I love seeing and hearing readers. (I just heard another reader this week, in some video, and her sweet voice filled me with emotion. It doesn't take much for me to tap into my Big Well o' Feelings, apparently.)

The whole issue is great -- the gentlemen of Seersucker Live, a group devoted to literary performance, have the Wilfair stamp of approval -- so check it out. You can read it all right here!

Thank you so much, Siobhan, Bevin, Krystal, and Ms. Bess!

(And let me add that this is issue #2, meaning if you start lovin' on Paprika Southern now you can say you were there from just about the start. It's fantastic!)



Amanda W said...

What a cool magazine!

bess said...

I'm just so psyched that my friend/art people matchmaking worked out so well! Siobhan and Bevin have made one heck of a gorgeous magazine.

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