Siobhan, the Grove Park, and a Magical Fireplace

Paprika Southern is still happily filling my field of vision -- I love this stylish magazine very much -- and I wanted to do another sparkly post thanking co-founder Siobhan Egan, who put together the article featuring Wilfair. I'm, just like. Excited. Very. Over the moon, actually.

My chance came along much sooner than expected. Siobhan -- who is funny, down to earth, and very easy to Skype with when one is feeling sleepy and not at all witty -- sent me a photo over the weekend from the Grove Park Inn.

I reference this historic Asheville, North Carolina hotel in the article as one of my favorites. And the Grove Park's two humungous fireplaces? They're among the real-world inspirations for The Redwoodian's nine-sided fireplace.

During our Skype chat I raved to Siobhan about this hotel and its fireplaces. And then, boom, I get a picture from Siobhan of the fireplace in question. (She just visited Asheville, which is pure funky, arty, awesome greatness. Been? Go!)

I share the photo for three reasons: One? I'm so glad to meet lovely new people, like Siobhan, and I'm so glad my books are featured in her gorgeous magazine. Gratitude. Two? Anyone who randomly sends me a picture of a hotel fireplace is in my posse for life (and I hope I'm in theirs). And three? This fireplace is so Redwoodian. I love it. I love it more than a woman should love log-burning hearth.

The top picture is Siobhan's from over the weekend. The bottom picture is me standing inside the same fireplace during my college years. Yes, I look very 1990s, because it is the 1990s. And will I ever get rid of my big hair? Unlikely.

Also, I'm 5'10", which gives you an idea as to the mammoth size of this fireplace.

Also, 5'10" is pretty tall, yes, but a fun fact: I'm the shortest person in my family.

Also, I'm happy to see the fireplace's iron details haven't changed since I was there. Yay!

Also, I recently swore up and down I never put pictures of myself on this blog, and yet I'm doing it again. Urgh.

Also, doesn't "Siobhan, the Grove Park, and a Magical Fireplace" sound like a psychedelic children's television show from 1968? I'm definitely leaving it.


do dah said...

that is wonderfully cavernous. also, i can never manage to visualize the redwoodian fireplaces in my mind's eye. it bothers me every single time. spatial thinking: not my strong suit.

Wilfair Book said...

See, I think if you're the kind of person, do dah, who will do an interpretative dance about economics, you're the kind of person who probably has a knack for thinking spatially. That's my opinion.

That fireplace IS wonderfully cavernous. Cavernous places are so often wonderful, though.

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