Sixes and Eights

I got a wild hair -- um, yeah, I made a hair joke in this hair post only four words in -- sorry? -- um -- to find pictures of just what hair that sixes and eights looks like.

It's what Gomery Overbove's curly hair does against the back collar of his button-up when he leans on his elbows while working the Motel Fairwil front desk.

I considered using my own hair as an example, but my hair isn't quite as curly as Gomery's. My curls tend to form the letter "U" at the bottom, anyway, so, yeah, I'm a poor stand-in for a certain motel employee.

Hold on. I have curly hair and glasses and so does Gomery. What does that mean??? Hmm. And here I've been calling myself a Monty all along.

Some light searching for the perfect hair photo was frustrating, but then I determined it: Mika's curly hair tends to six and eight very well.


In honor of National Dance Day -- which is July 27 here in the States -- here's a video with some joyful dancing and leaping about. It's a perfect way to enter the weekend.

There's also the lovely Mika and his handsome hair, hair that's doing some major sixing and eighting in the curl department.


bess said...

I know that Gomery has curly hair but for some reason, I can't picture it. Glasses, forearms, ties, no problem but the hair trips me up. Maybe because I haven't had much experience with curly hair. Thank you for the visual aid, maybe studying it will help with my hair-block.

I missed National Dance Day?! I would have hosted a solo dance party for myself, the gentleman friend is out of town and the dog and cat make poor partners(I've tried).

Wilfair Book said...

Aw Bess! I wish you could have come to my place for National Dance Day. Kitchen dancing is my favorite dancing (and, yep, the dog occasionally gets involved, or at least sits watching in wonder).

Also, I like this sentence: "...I haven't had much experience with curly hair."

Kelly said...

The UK doesn't seem to have a National Dance Day, or at least not a very well publicised one (based on my 2 minutes of googling). Maybe I will declare it National Dance Day next time I have a free weekend and throw an impromptu dance party.

Also, Mika! This song was very very overplayed when it first came out to the point where I went from loving it, to shouting at people to change the radio station whenever it came on. I'd kind of forgotten about it, but its been so long since I last heard it that I've come back round to loving it again. Mika filmed a video for one of his songs in Surrey Street Market near where I live, and it was without a doubt the most exciting thing that has ever happened in Surrey Street.

Wilfair Book said...

Kelly, I want you to spearhead this movement. Please. The UK is a LEADER in dance! All my favorite Brits have the fancy feet.

I bet that song was overplayed. It is eminently overplayable. I'll have to Google Mika and Surrey Street, because I want to see the video.

Speaking of overplaying songs, I will listen and listen and listen and listen to a song, throw my hands up, say "never again!," then come back around to it like a year later and love it again.

Not interesting, nope, but relevant.

Kelly said...

The Mika song is Hey Big Girls, and the budget for the video must have been seriously small because its basically just Mika dancing around Surrey Street Market and other Croydon hot spots!

Definitely interesting about the overplaying of songs. There was a guy on my course at uni who was a hardcore maths genius, and also really really in to music. He had a ton of interesting theories about this kind of thing. He was trying to pin down equations for what makes something an instant hit song. Not necessarily an enduring classic, because there are so many other factors that come into play with that, but those earworm songs that become hugely, instantly popular. He also had a whole bunch of graphs and charts to try to illustrate how he believed those songs have a fairly consistent life cycle where they work their way through becoming known, becoming really popular, and then reaching a point where the song becomes over-exposed and public opinion starts to turn. I don't know if he got anywhere with his research but I found it all fascinating.

Wilfair Book said...

Kelly, I'm going to spend some time this weekend Googling Croydon and Surrey Street. I feel like I need to get better acquainted with the area.

It is true: I like knowing about places! And especially those places my lovely ladies call home.

One of my best pals is a math-music guy and he has lots of big ideas relating to the two, too. Not on this particular topic but, still, interesting. I'm sure there are many crossovers and relationships to be found.

Earworms songs fascinate me as well, and how they cycle through, going from an unknown ditty to hugely popular to being ignored. And then when does an earworm return to being a classic, after everyone tires of it? A year? A decade? I want to know that, too.

As for me? I have no problem listening to a song six times in a row. Ten? A dozen? Guilty!

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