The West is wrapping up a much talked about heat wave this week, phew. So obviously it is the perfect time to talk about "Volcano."

Kelly, one of our lovely London reps on the blog -- hi, Kelly! -- said she caught it the other night on television and was surprised and delighted to find that one of the main settings is, wait for it, Wilshire Boulevard and Fairfax Avenue.

The 1997 LA disaster movie starred Tommy Lee Jones and addressed this incredibly wacky what if: What if a volcano suddenly grew out of the La Brea Tar Pits?

(And I sometimes worry that "Wilfair" is a little weird. I guess it's in the water 'round here?)

I won't say much, if you haven't seen the film, but the real corner fictionally occupied by Motel Fairwil and The Wilfair Hotel is prominently featured in the lava scene. Yeah, there's lava. A LOT of lava.

Draaaaama! Save Los Angeles, Tommy Lee Jones!

(Not to be flip. Lava is hot. But a volcano is definitely not happening in LA. I hope? Fingers crossed.)

So. What would the people who live at the hotel and motel do if, one day, a volcano did indeed burp, with fire and heat, out of the neighboring tar pits?

They'd evacuate guests and staff alike, first off. Then Monty and Gomery would head for the motel roof, or, better yet, The Wilfair's higher-though-tilted roof, to watch, Monty because he likes to experience visual things and Gomery for science purposes. Fair might be up there, too, because, uh, lava running down Wilshire Boulevard!?! Quite a sight. I don't think she'd miss it.

In the end, the trio would try to help the emergency workers at the intersection. Then they'd get in the way and be sternly asked to leave. Would they? Monty wouldn't, and he'd probably convince his cousin and neighbor to stay. I would not advise that any of them do this, because, uh, danger, but, honest? They listen to me less and less.

First photo: Wilshire and Fairfax feels the heat.


do dah said...

that was the best use of a lava-proof bus in the history of cinema.

also, can you get off a roof quickly enough to run away if lava-proof buses fail to materialize? (i guess elijah wood was able to run up a hill away from a tidal wave in that other movie, so... resounding yes! and, actually, to very realistically avoid the lava on mt. doom*... conclusion: elijah wood is disaster-proof.)

*i am in no way disparaging the eagles. they are my FAVORITES. along with shadowfax.

Wilfair Book said...

That bus scene is remarkable. There isn't another word I can use. Thank you for mentioning it.

Have I ever told you about my obsession with the LOTR eagles? Like, before seeing "The Hobbit" I said several times "I just want my eagles to swoop in." AND THEY DID. Of course. I may have cheered in the theater and been promptly shushed.

Kelly said...

Hi! And yes I was super excited to hear Tommy Lee Jones et al namecheck the Wilshire-Fairfax junction. I may have spontaneously applauded the TV.

There's something universally exciting about spotting / hearing the name of a place you know in the middle of a movie, especially when it's totally unexpected. I watched Iron Man 3 in a cinema in Croydon, and when one of the characters threw in a line about Croydon the whole audience whooped and cheered.

do dah - yes, that bus scene is magnificent. And also yes - Elijah Wood is indestructible! He's got to be one of the least likely action hero in cinema (second only to Shia LaBeouf maybe?)

do dah said...

yes to known place names in movies! i studied abroad in london with a bunch of kids from my university. notting hill happened to be on tv early in our trip, and you could hear all 40 of us scream when the movie mentioned cromwell road, which is where we were living. it was pretty amusing to find out that everyone was watching the same thing on tv by the screaming, especially since we were spread over five floors.

also, this entire thread basically makes me grin. hooray to inappropriate theatre cheering! (and elijah wood IS an unlikely action hero... interesting point!)

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