A New Way In

I've always had an affinity for windows. What they do -- allow light in, allow people to see out -- cheers me, but I like that they're technically a second way into a room or building, beyond a door.

Fresh ways to enter or exit a place interest me. And I'm not just talking about physical buildings but life situations and issues and friendship and all of the non-tangibles that bump around our life. We so often use the door to enter and exit when there is probably a different way to approach a particular matter.

I do this with the Wilfair books. I wish I could say each book has been written chronologically. Jumping around in time while writing is kind of my bag, as I often find that the way into the next chapter isn't always starting the next chapter.

Hmm. Maybe there's a life lesson there I haven't fully explored.

In short? If Fair Finley has a problem, I don't always approach into it via her thoughts. I'll sometimes start with Monty Overbove talking about something totally different, and wend my way back to Fair via a side door. A side door that surprises a little, I hope.

I needed to remind myself that looking at something from a new direction is usually a positive thing and not strictly an offbeat approach.

That happened this morning when I spied the real corner that's home to The Wilfair Hotel and Motel Fairwil, but from a new vantage point: a parking lot that's about a block to the west.

The building in the back is the home of the future Oscars museum; the skyscraper is the Variety tower. And I see the marker that denotes Gomery Overbove's bedroom (I'll share what it is when we meet at Wilshire and Fairfax for our photo, of course). 

It's a city view, for sure, but the sky was such a treat. The clouds were pure glimmer-sweet marshmallow fluff, the same marshmallow fluffy clouds Fair Finley enjoys when she gazes out her third-floor hotel bedroom window.

If she's looking at the sky, that is. The motel's best surveillance system is almost never off duty.

But I'd tell her this: Fair, ease up, chill out, and look up. Because focusing on one direction isn't always the way in; rather, there are many surprising entrances, including those we have to make.


do dah said...

i just have to chime in with love for windows. glass makes it onto my top three list of bestest inventions ever for precisely this reason.

using windows as alternate entrances is also an intriguing idea, and i'll have to watch for it the next time i re-read the books. process is so fascinating to me...

Wilfair Book said...

do dah: Thank you for this comment. You are charming, as is your window love.

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