Commentary: Caddishness

     I'm having a week -- make that a Week -- and next week will be a Week, too. The calendar is packed.
     So I'm going to revisit some sections in the books every few days and break 'em down a little, just for fun, and because I have thoughts about every small thing. No, really, I do. Shocking? Probably not.
     I should be back to regular original posting quite soon!

Chapter: Did You Enjoy Being Asked to Dinner for the First Time Ever?

            “Well, there goes that genius plan,” sighed Monty, hands on his slim standee hips. Has Monty's slim standee hips been mentioned before this moment? They need a little more love in the next book. I can even see how his fingers spread when he does this. Yeah, I said it.
            “What genius plan?” I asked.
            “We were talking about turning off the vacancy sign and treating you to a half-price omelet. I know, we’re generous,” shrugged Monty. The motel's classic NO VACANCY neon sign is just below the main Motel Fairwil sign. The letters are red. Puzzle that one out, Gomery!
            “Motel’s pretty unbusy. No more check-ins tonight,” explained Gomery. Don't get too excited, Gomery; you'll be awake later, after midnight, walking a late-arriving family to their room, and your nosy neighbor will see it all, including the sleep curl that sproings off the top of your head. Okay, you can be excited about that last bit, if you like.
            “But, the thing is, if we go to the Mmm-Mmm, I’m betting half a half-off omelet your new best bud will have you in his lap in no time. He went from calling for your head to offering to hire you,” Monty marveled. Lap-sitting can be a delightful thing in real life but I feel a bit complicated about it in romance novels. I don't know why; it can be warm and loving or it can be a little cutesy and occasionally unsettling. This is me kind of working out that negative feeling, by applying it to the soused guy the cousins just ran out of the motel. That said, I may change my mind about laps in this last book, because someone has already perched upon someone else's lap (maybe not the pair you expect, or even the second pair you expect).
            I’d heard “you” and “half-price omelet” and little else. “Why?” Fair is a selective hearer when she's nervous. Like us all, right?
            Monty’s bulbs glowed. “Why what? Take you out? Uh, you just worked our front desk? Dealing with guests like that? Have you never seen a movie? The virtuous get rewarded, and the kind get thanked. Usually.” Monty's a frickin' know-it-all and I wouldn't have it any other way.
            “It is, after all, only fair, Fair,” said Gomery. Oh yes he did!
            Monty sighed at Gomery. “Oh, stop it. You have been standing there, trying to think that up. You are a complete cad and I’m sick of it. Sick of your caddishness. Sick.” Classic cousin-style ribbing. Also, Monty is proving here that he will say anything in front of anybody, embarrassment be damned.
            “I thought it up this afternoon, and I’ve been plotting the perfect moment to use it,” Gomery smiled with a hint of malevolence. Then he finished with, “Not really.” But his hand moved to straightened his tie, and the gesture said: really. Every book I write has several little "bases" for me. While I may question and hem and haw over certain sections as I read and tweak and polish, the bases are the bits I'm totally solid about. So when I reach one I'm like "phew! A base. Gonna rest here for a moment." Gomery straightening his tie and Fair picking up on the subtle meaning (or not so subtle) is one of my Wilfair bases. Not everything pleases me when I write it -- oh goodness no -- but this line is one of my pets. (That said, everything pleases me when the book is fully done, which is how it should be, because no one wants a writer who is like "eh, whatever" -- nope. I'm enthused about it all, but still, my bases are my bases.)

Plus? Ties are excellent for conveying silent messages. Am I right?

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Caitlin #1 said...

Woo hoo! Do more of these. It's like listening to the director's commentary on a DVD.

do dah said...

please let the unexpected pair be sutton and prior. or, better yet, prior and thurs! completely platonic lap sitting, i suppose, in that case. but also potentially very amusing. monty would make it cutesy in the goofiest possible way. i kind of can't imagine what thurs would do, and now want to see it. (or, ok, monty sitting on thurs's lap. because that would be straight up funny. and thurs would put up with it to impress fair, on whom i am convinced he has a rather tremendous crush, actually, when he occasionally pauses to act like a normal young man rather than a mogul).

i enjoy seeing you sass back to the book. totally fun!

speaking of thurs, i was remembering this morning how much i want him to have a crossover with brick berlin from _spoiled_. for my birthday. or half birthday. or un-birthday. or not for me at all, simply for the intrinsic delightfulness.

p.s. the bbc had a rather less exciting take on the language of ties a year or so ago that i immediately re-googled. that quite delighted me at the time, because how often is men's fashion used as signaling any more? (and it's delightfully rambly). if only we could teach obama to flirtatiously navigate a fan.

Ginny said...

Love this, so fun! I can see Gomery turning the No Vacancy sign into a message for Fair that says simply "CAN." Intriguing...

bess said...

I agree about this commentary - it's a lot of fun!

Monty sitting in Thurs's or Prior's lap is something that I didn't know was missing from my life - now I very much want to see it. Prior sitting in Thurs's lap also has great potential, if only because Prior would be so comfortable and chatty with it and Thurs would be flustered. I'm also now curious as to why there is lap sitting. Are they all cramming in a car? or a booth?

Do dah- I've been eyeballing Spoiled to read, would you recommend it? I'm a fan of Go Fug Yourself.

bess said...

I forgot to mention- "caddishnesss' is a fantastic and underused word. I will try to work it into conversation today. This may be a challenge at work.

do dah said...

bess, you totally should. it's cute, the characters are decently developed, and there are tons of in-jokes between the fug girls themselves and with those who read the site. it made me both laugh and cry while being generally light-hearted reading (i cry at the drop of a hat recently, so, perspective). i think _messy_ is actually a more compelling book, but you don't get to spend much time with molly, which is odd when you've spent the first book getting to know her really well. also, brick berlin is a completely frustrating delight. and i'd love to have someone on my side begging for a brick and prior adventure! :)

Wilfair Book said...

Lovely ladies! My busy week continues, but I'm loving these comments! And I vow to answer them this weekend. For now, hugs, kisses, and half-priced omelets your way.

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