Grocery Store Fortune: Aisle 12

I know, people.


You're like, "Alysia completely forgot about the grocery store fortunes! And I've been on tenterhooks waiting to find out what loaves of bread and cans of soda pop can tell me about my months ahead!"


I'd never forget you, and while I possess at least 65 random faults, ranging from leaving clean clothes to wrinkle in the dryer to changing tables in a restaurant multiple times, not finishing stuff is not one.

I'm a finisher, through and through, if only for the satisfaction of a job done and wrapped.

The truth is, I've been calling on the real grocery store of Gomery and Monty Overbove a little less in recent days, meaning I've had fewer chances to snap photos. But snapping I am, and I am ready with a few more fortunes.

Who knows? These may just be wrapped up by next spring, when "Fairwil" is released.

So: Ginny.

Ginny Ginny Ginny! You complete sweetheart, you. Hanging out with you, your mom, and your son here in LA was a summer highlight. And I tell everyone how you and your husband Chris dressed up in a very Wilfair fashion spread.

You picked aisle 12, for your personal fortune, which happens to be the snack aisle at the Overboves' grocery store. Salty foodstuffs, ahoy!

Here's what reminded me of the Wilfair world on your aisle: an exclamation point for Gomery, who is finding his inner exclamation points at the end of "Redwoodian," bold for Fair Finley, who is finding her inner boldness, Ruffles, of course, because that's Fair Finley's favorite style of frock, cinnamon, for the Wilfair lobby's cinnamon light, Cheez Ums, because the Wilfair books are very pro-cheese, and cherry, for one of Fair Finley's favorite foods (and the cherry on top of the cherry, of course).

 And now your personal grocery store fortune, Ginny:

You are a complete peach, and life will continue to be peachy for you. (I find when one is a peach they attract peachy circumstances. Not a controversial theory, I know, but I'm pretty sure I'm correct.)

Also? The lightning bolt through the letter G reminded me of your inner power and fortitude. Zap! A good zap, of course. May you use your Ginny-esque lightning bolts far and wide in all the good and powerful ways.

Haven't asked for a grocery store fortune yet? I'll tell your sparkly future from the products found on an aisle located inside the real grocery store near the Motel Fairwil (it's where Monty buys his razors!). Aisles still available: 1, 5, 8, 10, 18, and 19. Pick one and put in the comments!


Ginny said...

:) That lightening bolt gave me the little boost I needed for the first day of school tomorrow!

Wilfair Book said...

Happy first day of school, Ginny! Lightning bolt power and teacher mojo!

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