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We love science here in the Wilfair world, oh yes we do.

To bits, in fact. What's the chemical equation for "bits"? Anyone? CO2 + H204?

I tried.

I'm just partial to all the sciences in all of their forms: hard, real-world study as well as loopier sci-fi whimsies (which the books definitely lean toward).

The four main men of Wilfair are a) an aspiring physicist b) a sci-fi movie fan c) a film star who has starred in sci-fi movies and d) a man who may or may not be funding a science-related project.

None of them, however, can compete with math whiz Sutton Von Hunt, who will probably count the words in this sentence. (21)

Our own dear reader kitzie left a comment on the Monty at the Movies post last month that I wanted to bubble up to its own post. I've seen many of the films she lists and have Opinions. And I'm wondering what science-y films you all might like.

Yeah, I have a soft spot for "Real Genius." Caitlin #2, didn't you say it was filmed on your college's campus?

I'll let kitzie take it away...


Okay, I've been thinking about this one all morning... and I think my favorite science movies are scifi movies. Usually the science isn't solid, but as long as it's not completely terrible about things that are already well known (I'm looking at you The Day After Tomorrow, 2012, and Armageddon), I'll let the rules bend happily. Here's what I came up with:

Real Genius*
Madame Curie
28 Days Later
Jurassic Park*

And I've never seen this one, but I should see it and I think I'll probably like it a lot: "Inherit the Wind" about the Scopes trial which was so freaking important to science.

Wow, I guess I like this topic! :)

*Things that either a)I saw when I was too young to know about bad science or b)are just plain amusing enough that I don't care about bad science or c)both get past my filter and I love them regardless of their shortcomings.

cr: Horia Varlan


Caitlin #1 said...

H2O? Water. H2O2? Hydrogen peroxide. H2O4 is...not a thing. Sorry, Alysia. A for effort, :)

On topic: I tend not to be much of a sci-fi person, but I am a fan of "Gattaca". Also "Apollo 13", but that might be more history and less science.

Amanda W said...

I grew up watching Star Trek, so I definitely enjoy my share of Sci-fi. But the first sci-fi movie that I really LOVED was Pitch Black. Just, so cool. (didn't really like the sequels)

Would you believe that I only watched the Terminator movies for the first time about three or four years ago? (my husband kind of has a movie crush on Sara Conner in T2, so I had to see what all the fuss was about. ;))

Wilfair Book said...

Caitlin #1: How did I know I might get called out on my very not-scientific equation for "bits"? Thank you for my A for effort! ;)

"Apollo 13" can be science, I think. Kind of? Yeah, it is history. And drama. And Tom Hanks!

Amanda: I'm married to a serious Trekker, so I give you the Vulcan high sign. Like, my guy has an encyclopedic knowledge of every episode of the original and Next Gen series. I do not take this talent lightly!

I have not seen "Pitch Black" but I shall add it to my list. And the "Terminator" films? I was late to them as well.

S.C. in T2 is MAJOR.

myrandaroyann said...

We watched Gattaca in my Pre-AP Biology class (I think it was Freshman or Sophomore year of HS). We were watching it for the genetics, I believe. :)

Amanda: I loooove Apollo 13!

Movie-wise, I love the recent Star Trek reboots. I also love the original Star Wars movies.

My absolute favorite movie is Serenity. The scenes in space are even realistic because there's no sound in those scenes other than the background soundtrack (BECAUSE THERE'S NO SOUND IN SPACE SO NO ONE CAN HEAR YOU SCREAM MWAHAHAHAHAHA*chokecoughchoke*).

A couple other sci fi movies I love are The Fifth Element and the Men in Black movies (1 and 3 are the best of the trilogy, IMO).


Amanda W said...

LOVE Serenity. Love, love, love. And Firefly.

Caitlin #1 said...

Ahhh! How did I forget about "Firefly"/"Serenity"? Yes!!

I was late to the "Terminator" party, too -- only saw them within the last two years.

Caitlin #2 said...

Yup, Real Genius was totally filmed where I went to college! It's a fairly popular place to film things, being not too far from Hollywood and looking vaguely Ivy League-ish. There were episodes of Gilmore Girls and West Wing filmed while I was a student there, and some of my friends got to be extras.

Gattaca is up there among my favorite science movies, too. And Star Trek is my go-to sci fi, against which I measure all other sci fi. Does MST3K count as favorite science movie(s)? It's got science in the title :D

Wilfair Book said...

All the "Serenity" love at Wilfair HQ makes me happy. And I'm someone who hasn't started it yet! And yet, I seem to know a lot of little things about it. Mostly, though, that Nathan Fillion is very sparkly of eye, and he wears suspenders, and that is a plus-plus in my book.

Caitlin #2, you cannot know my MST3K love. You. Cannot. Know. Although I guess now you kind of do???

Caitlin #2 said...

Oh believe me, I know. Todd and I were just talking about a couple of our favorite episodes (Space Mutiny and Pumaman - he flies like a moron!) earlier this evening. And Joel? Totes adorbs. SO MUCH LOVE. Another fun tidbit, in the same vein as my Real Genius tidbit: the host segments in MST3K were filmed in a studio directly across the street from my dad's office in St. Paul. I didn't realize that I was a collector of tidbits like that, but apparently I am...?

Wilfair Book said...

Two good episodes!

Have you ever been to a Cinematic Titanic show? Ohhhhhh man. So good. Live commentary! Saw one at Largo years ago.

Also, that's interesting about your dad's office. I'm a St. Paul fan! But you know my deep Minnesota-based feelings.

Also: I'm a little obsessed with Gypsy. All the 'bots, but mostly Gypsy.

Caitlin #2 said...

Tom Servo is my favorite of the 'bots, because of his mellifluous singing voice :D

I haven't seen Cinematic Titanic, but I'd love to! I have partaken of a few Rifftrax, the other offshoot, though, and that's definitely high quality.

kitzie said...

I'll just comment here on... well, my own comments. :)

I want to dote a little on Contact. Okay, I know the movie is a bit hammy, but the ideas contained within are SO GOOD. Like when the movie came out, people who believed in aliens were nuts, but just one line of that movie: "You know, there are four hundred billion stars out there, just in our galaxy alone. If only one out of a million of those had planets, and just of out of a million of those had life, and just one out of a million of those had intelligent life; there would be literally millions of civilizations out there." and suddenly it's acceptable to say that you KNOW there's other life out there. How awesome is that?

And it popularized the whole Occam's Razor thing. And it gave us this gem of a line: "First rule in government spending: why build one when you can have two at twice the price?" And hello, how awesome would it be (for us science dorky ladies) to have a young Matthew McConaughey be into you????? I'd just die.

And most importantly this theme: the rewards of faith and diligence. It's such a beautiful story (thanks Carl Sagan!)

MST3K: I so used to love this when I was a kid! We should get together and make our own. How much would it cost to get the rights to Twilight?

Star Trek: I tend not to think of this as being very science-y, but I think I'm wrong not to because of all the tech it's predicted. (or suggested?) I particularly have loved The Next Generation, but it's been a while since I've watched it.

Wilfair Book said...

Caitlin #2: Ohhhh, Rifftrax. YES. We saw one at the Aero a few years ago with "Plan 9 From Outer Space." Those guys! They make my heart smile, as does Tom Servo. He's so sassy!

kitzie: Enjoyed you commenting upon your comments. And "Contact" -- I can go with it! Definitely thought it raised some eye-openers, which is all any fine science-y flick should do. Plus, it featured the Very Large Array, in New Mexico, one of my favorite spots. All of those mammoth radio telescopes. Quite the visual.

Also, should we talk more about Carl Sagan on this blog? There isn't a week that goes by where I'm not thinking about something he's written/said.

Also, I think we could do some fine live-commenting on lots of films. Maybe during the future WilfairCon? :)

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