Teal and Orange

Textures, sounds, colors, and scents often stick with me. I'll remember if a place smelled sweet or glowed or if the furniture felt fuzzy. (And if it was sweet, glowed, AND felt fuzzy? I'm probably inquiring as to how I can live there, permanently.)

With that in mind, I was determined to create a certain vibe for The Wilfair Hotel and Motel Fairwil. Principally I wanted to give both buildings color palettes they could be identified by: warmer for Wilfair, cooler for Fairwil.

This makes sense, because Motel Fairwil has a swimming pool. It also has retro teal touches in its design and the blue of Gomery's ties and his green swim trunks. The Wilfair has its cinnamon lobby light and mimosa-making oranges.

Reader Nikki -- hi, Nikki! -- astutely pointed something out: The citrus topiaries that serve as the boundary between the two properties combine both the cooler green of the Fairwil and the warmer orange of The Wilfair. Nicely noticed!

Here's something else funny: Johnie's Coffee Shop, the now-closed historic restaurant at Wilshire and Fairfax, is all orange and teal on the inside. This is something I hadn't fully registered -- I last stepped foot in Johnie's in 1997 before it shuttered soon after -- but maybe my memory of its teal-orange-ness plays out in the books.

I mean, check it in the second photo: That's the exact Fairwil teal and the exact Wilfair orange.

Also? You've likely seen the inside of Johnie's already. It's in lots of commercials and movies, including "The Big Lebowski."

Also? This is the corner where we take our reader photos!

cr: Michael Mooney
cr: Ryan Varsi
cr: The Big Lebowski


do dah said...

sweet, glowing, fuzzy places would be a wonderful setting for a slightly magical book aimed at 12-year-olds. that everyone else would also totally read. i can't write it, though, because falcor is in it in my head, possibly along with the hookah smoking caterpillar, and i'm pretty sure that copyright is difficult to navigate. why does fuzzy furniture make me think of elongated characters? and... victorian grandmas?

(also, lebowski! love! love most every incarnation of jeff bridges, due partly to over-viewing of _white squall_ in dance camp.)

Wilfair Book said...

Jeff Bridges. That is all

Also, "The Big Lebowski" uses another shot from The Wilfair neighborhood. The tumbleweed and the taco stand at the very beginning? Yeah, that's very near there.

Now I have the fuzzy furniture/elongated characters connection in my head, too.

do dah said...

oh, sigh, now i have to re-watch that film. i live a life of trial and tribulation. etc.

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