Today's Favorite Movie Stars

Oh oh oh! I just realized I never completed the First Crush-Teen Crush-Actors We Like Now Trilogy.

Remember First Crush? I was sweet on H.R. Pufnstuf as a tot. Reader Bess liked Floyd the Muppet.

Remember Teen Crush? I do. Colin Firth and George Clooney made a strong showing in the comments.

So how about today? Truly, I like everyone in the movies and television a little bit, and many people a lot of bit. There's no one I'd skip seeing a film over, just because they were in it.

But here's a trio I'm particularly sweet on at the moment:

Amy Poehler. My admiration for her is pretty limitless. I'm sure she has faults but they're probably interesting faults, right? The confident kindness she projects is, well. Resplendent.

Richard Ayoade. He's hilarious on "The I.T. Crowd" and he's an excellent director, too. Did you see "Submarine"? He also directs a lot of videos for bands like the Arctic Monkeys. And please. The glasses.

Christoph Waltz. I do lean toward comedic actors, but I thought I'd include a dramatic entry as well. He maintains a calm, steady center in his acting. His even approach is attractive and always intriguing.

Who is your favorite nowadays?


do dah said...

actors who just fill me with potentially unaccountable delight include martin freeman, bill nighy,* and rupert grint -- in other words, "wild target" is basically marketed directly at me. i will watch anything with jeff bridges in it. i will also watch anything with judi dench, maggie smith, ian mckellan, and associates.

robert downey, jr. is perfection in everything he does (although i refuse to watch the thing where he's in blackface). saoirse ronan makes really interesting choices that are always worth watching, even if i don't always love them. actually, so does scarlett johansson; people seem to believe that she can't act or is incredibly annoying, but "girl with a pearl earring" is a solid argument against that, in my opinion. plus, i'm kind of loving her current turn in the avengers. matt damon is also almost always worth watching. same with alan rickman.

alexander skarsgard is the sole reason i continue to watch true blood, because he is occasionally completely hilarious: reading a book naked in the snow? i laughed for a good five minutes. i was perhaps supposed to find it more sexy and less funny, but oh well.

hmm. i gush. time to stop.

*who broke my heart by turning down the role of twelfth doctor... i understand his reasoning, but i would've had so much glee from that casting!

do dah said...

i just remembered that i forgot tatiana maslany! on the strength of "orphan black" alone, but she's completely amazing in it, so it's some strength.

Caitlin #2 said...

SO totally with you on Amy and Richard! I haven't seen Christoph Waltz in anything (because I'm too much of a wuss for Tarantino movies), but I have heard good things. I'm also with you, do dah, on Martin Freeman, Jeff Bridges, et al.

Jemaine Clement takes the cake in my book, though. Hot damn. Bret isn't too bad, either - those Kiwis are foxy devils, and so super talented. It's really not fair.

Ulrika K said...

Yes yes YES to Amy Poehler - sometimes when I watch "Parks and Recreation" I have to pause it and just sit and think about what an awesome actress/writer/person she is.

Also on the list:
- Daniel Radcliffe, because he's one of the few young super-mega-famous celebrities out there who actually uses his time in the limelight to promote good causes (such as LGTB rights). And because he's constantly pushing himself acting-wise instead of just resting comfortably on the millions of dollars he raked in during the Potter years. Plus, he's such a total cutie :)

- Anna Kendrick, because she is pretty much all kinds of awesome.

- Jake Johnson (Nick from "New Girl"). It should be illegal to be that awkward and sexy at the same time.

Wilfair Book said...

do dah: Everything you said is pleasing to me, but Bill Nighy is very, very pleasing to me. Also, Alan Rickman. I'm going to type some hearts in both of their honors now: ♥♥♥♥♥.

Caitlin #2: I vow to use the word "foxy devils" before this day is through. Also, Martin Freeman.

Ulrikaaaaa: Hi! I'm always cheered when I see, on the back end, that Sweden has dipped into the blog. :)

Holler on ALL of that, but I want to add this: Have you seen Anna Kendrick's young Broadway performances? When she was just a kid? Oh my gosh. What a voice and such stage presence.

Thank you for sharing!

Chiara said...

My George Clooney teen crush never went away. It's George! You can't fall out of love with him, besides he's only gotten better with age.

Robert Downey Jr. has been with me for quite some time now as well. I fell for him when he was on Ally McBeal and never not liked him. Genius actor and pretty man.

Notting Hill brought me Hugh Grant, I liked him before but not to the extend as what Notting Hill did to me. I still can't resist any romantic comedy starting Hugh Grant. Unfortunately he doesn't do them so often anymore.

I'm also smitten with Angelina Jolie and Scarlett Johansson, I'll watch anything they do.

Kelly said...

Alysia I am SO on board with all your choices. And Ulrika - I second Anna Kendrick and Jake Johnson as well.

I would also throw Tom Hardy, Joseph Gordon Levitt and Emma Stone into the mix. Oh and for one purely shallow one, since I know very little about him except for how very pretty he is - Henry Cavill

Amanda W said...

So much agreement! For sure Rupert Grint, Martin Freeman, Amy Pohler, Anna Kendrik, Emma Stone, Joseph Gordon Levitt, Judi Dench and Maggie Smith. I'll also add: Bradley Cooper, Chris Hemsworth, Connie Britton, Kyle Chandler (pretty much the entire Friday Night Lights cast...let's be honest), Simon Pegg.

Apparently, I have a lot of move/tv crushes.

Chiara said...

Kelly & Amanda: Yes, Emma Stone! I love her as well. And thinking about younger actresses, Jennifer Lawrence as well. They're both really talented and super funny and adorable in interviews as well.

I also have to mention Meryl Streep, everything she does is genius!

And while I'm at it, here are some TV people: Patrick Dempsey (I mean he's McDreamy!), Matthew Morrison (yes, I know he's had a Broadway career before TV but it was Glee that introduced him to me), Lauren Graham, Elizabeth Mitchell.

do dah said...

Kelly, Henry Cavill is in "I Capture the Castle." If you like period drama ('30s), romantical problems, Romola Garai, Rose Byrne, or Bill Nighy, you should probably watch it. It's pretty great. Also, Romola Garai is definitely on my favorite actors list.

Amanda W., Friday Night Lights! Yes. Apparently they might make a movie? Also, if you haven't seen the Academic Coach Taylor tubmlr and you do anything remotely academic, you should find it.

Wilfair Book said...

This is too much goodness. TOO MUCH. So much so I have to go to bed, promptly, right now, because the lids are heavy, but I shall be back to talk about all of this.

Thank you, ladies! I'm loving it.

Wilfair Book said...

Chiara: I JUST rewatched "Notting Hill" the other night. It's a really tight script, and Rhys Ifans gets me every time. Not at all self-conscious, which makes him fun to watch. Btw, have you seen "Pirate Radio"? Richard Curtis also wrote it. I rather like it. Also, Bill Nighy is in it, so, big sigh.

Kelly: Agree with your choices and am a major Emma Stone fan. Again, she's very fearless and doesn't seem to have an issue at all with taking the pratfall. I admire that. And sometimes that skill takes years to build, but it comes naturally to her.

And yes, Henry Cavill! Nice smile. I still have to see "Man of Steel"! Dang it.

Amanda: Simon Pegg is a comedy wonder. Did you see he and Nick Frost singing "Get Lucky"? OH SWEET PEACHES. If not I'll post here. And yes: I need to watch "Friday Night Lights"! I like both actors, so I'm sure I'll enjoy it.

Speaking of Judi Dench, I just saw video of her from 1968 performing in the first stage version of "Cabaret." How did I not know she sang? What?

MAGGIE. SMITH. Did you ever see the original "Clash of the Titans"? Or "The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie"? Gooooood.

Chiara: Did you see "Silver Linings Playbook"? Oh, Jennifer Lawrence owned it. Gah. Again, that lack of self-consciousness is the best.

do dah: WAIT. Do we both love "I Capture the Castle"? I mean, the book? Because that's one of my very, very favorites. I liked the movie but what did you think of Topaz? I mean, Topaz is one of my most beloved characters ever in anything.

do dah said...

yep. love the book, love the movie (which is a rare occurrence). i remember movie topaz better than book topaz, though; it's the hair. well, and the way she exclaimed about assignations "IN THE MUMMY ROOM!" perfect inflection. i reference this frequently, and no one ever gets it. i also dissolve into giggles every time i encounter an egyptian exhibit in a museum. i will have to re-discover book topaz after i plow through the fall ya lit releases about which i am so seriously excited (the dream thieves! i cannot wait!).

Chiara said...

I only saw the replies now *waves*

Alysia: I need to rewatch Notting Hill, it's been too long! Rhys is amazing, I think I can watch this movie a thousand times and still have fun seeing him.

I've seen Silver Linings Playbook, and while I didn't think the movie it self was as awesome as others seem to think, Jennifer was amazing in it.

Chiara said...

Alysia, I forgot to answer your question about Pirate Radio. Haven't seen it but it's going on my to-watch list! I'll watch anything that had Richard Curtis involved.

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