Unleash Your Inner Fair

So I popped by the Los Angeles County Fair's page yesterday to check out its 2013 motto. Which is this:

Laughing. I especially like the splash page of the woman wearing a Ferris wheel hat.Yeah, that's a hat. Uh, want!

I write about the fair quite a bit for work, which is a pleasure: outlandish, colorful, piggy, bulb-blinky things are some of my favorite things to cover. My only issue is I often have to pause after typing the word "fair" and make sure my fingers didn't automatically type the word "Finley."

That's happened.

Do the people of Wilfair love the fair? I know they do. Gomery would have totally gone 4H if he hadn't had to work at the motel growing up. Monty likes all the kitschy fun house crazy mirror rooms attractions. Sutton has entered a kiwi/raspberry sculpture in competition (blue ribbon, naturally). Fair likes seeing her name, a name she feels complicated about, all over the place. Clementine has recorded the sounds and calliope-type music of the midway, and Prior Yates once had to dangle from the Skycoaster, in a harness, in an action film that went directly to DVD.

Poor Prior, though. He can't go on his own, because moving in any direction without having to sign a dozen autographs is not a possibility. I wish Fair and Gomery could slip out into a public place with him and help him enjoy what everyone else gets to enjoy, anonymously. Play his handlers for a day. Hmm. Tapping chin. This might be or already is a thing. :)

We're lucky in Southern California for numerous reasons, but for fair lovers summertime is an embarrassment of corndog-flavored riches. There are four huge county fairs over four months, all within a 90-minute drive of the city.

Los Angeles County Fair is not only the largest, it's also the largest county fair in the country. Some people might be surprised that LA has a county fair, but that surprise was gently satirized by the fair organizers a few years back. Funny stuff, and, yep, we can laugh at ourselves in LA.


bess said...

Poor Prior! You know he wants to eat all the fair food too (deep fried twinkies! corn dogs!) but then worries about what his nutritionist would say so he just looks at the funnel cake longingly.

Wilfair Book said...

Exactly. His nutrionist's cousin once ate a deep-fried candy bar and had to run a mile every day for a month.

So obviously I want Prior to eat one and live a little!

do dah said...

deep-fried twinkies are decidedly lackluster. go for the deep-fried oreos instead, prior! it's worth all the push-ups that your trainer will probably require to erase it.

and it was so nice of LA to tie their marketing so well to ms. finley. :) i'm really hoping that ferris wheel hat shows up in the books somehow. (also? totally interesting discussion of the origin of the ferris wheel in "devil in the white city," if you can handle all the creepy murder hotel bits. i had NO IDEA. bonus points: architecture! and architecture snobs! sadly, however, no word on whether they wore loafers).

Wilfair Book said...

"Devil in the White City"! Ohhhhh, so good. Except for the scary murder/mayhem bits, but very well done. Did you read Erik Larson's follow-up about Marconi?

I will sample deep-fried anything, but sad to say that avocados, which I normally love, were not as tasty as I would have hoped. Pickles, on the other hand? YES.

do dah said...

fried pickles are bliss. also, people 'round these parts give you REALLY funny looks when you order them. and then end up eating half your order. i find that avocados, like carrots, are most perfect raw.

i have not read the Marconi book (definitely read that as "macaroni" until i tried to spell it, which would've been quite a different experience), but it's now on my list.

i just re-read bess's comment, and now want a "prior yates looking longingly at funnel cake" meme to go with "sad keanu" and similar.

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