A Reader Writes Wilfair

Many wonderful things happen here at Wilfair HQ, all courtesy of the readers.

But a number of terrific and often outlandish conversations happen off-blog, too. I am always happy when you send me random thoughts, ideas, and pictures, either of things that remind you of the Wilfair world or of yourself looking stylish or having fun. (Kelly, I'm still going to post your beautiful hat picture, if that's okay with you.)

For example, Rosemary, a watcher of "Pretty Little Liars," sent this gif my way yesterday. I don't really know the show but she called this gif "very Gomery-esque" and I'm inclined to agree. Thoughts?

The wristwatch. It's the wristwatch even more than the tie, in my mind. Gosh.

So here's something else off-blog that may soon make its Wilfair HQ debut in the next couple of weeks: a Wilfair world scene I didn't write. Nope. A reader wrote it, it is EXCELLENT, all caps, and so adorable and so sparkly, and she's kindly letting me post it here.

I'm touched. You guys! Just. Words, I haven't got them.

I know this is typically called "fan fiction" or "fanfic" but I'm going to call it Wilfic, as the word "fan" makes me squidge since we're all pals here. Okay by everyone? "Wilfic" sounds tweely pert, or pertly twee, which makes it a fine fit for this universe.

No joke, I've read this Wilfic ten times, and am about to read it an eleventh, and I'm very excited to post it here in the coming days.

Thank you, darling reader, and thank you to everyone who sends me great stuff off-blog. I want to bronze and save each email in the same way Fair Finley wants to bronze the evening she spent in Gomery Overbove's company at The Redwoodian lodge.


Rosemary said...

I want to start a band called The Tweely Perts. And I cannot WAIT to read some Wilfic.

Wilfair Book said...

I'll leave it to you to determine what the costumes will be for Rosemary and The Tweely Perts -- you're on lead vocals and tambourine, of course -- but I really, really think that the group's superfans should be known for wearing lime green knee socks and platform saddle shoes to every show.

Very, very high hopes for your future on the charts and in the hearts of music lovers everywhere, by the way.

(And right? WILFIC! I'm way excited. Like, lime-green-knee-sock excited, that's how excited.)

Rosemary said...

Just came back to stare at that GIF a minute.

bess said...

Favorite things cross-over! I also enjoy some Pretty Little Liars. I don't normally love the pictured character but he is looking pretty adorable in that gif!

Kelly said...

I haven't seen Pretty Little Liars so have no idea who this guy is, but I would definitely concur that the gif is Gomery-esque.

Very excited to read the Wilfic!

Its still fine with me if you want to post the hat picture. At some point I intend to send you something more interesting than random pictures of my accessories though! Maybe when I actually get round to making some Wilfair themed cupcakes. Related question - if Gomery was a cupcake, what flavor cupcake would he be?

Caitlin #1 said...

Kelly: I don't know what flavor cupcake Gomery would be, but Thurs Mathers is definitely red velvet.

Wilfair Book said...

Bess: Hi! I liked your book picks in the latest Paprika Southern. Been meaning to drop you a line.

Kelly: I'm excited that you're excited. The Wilfic is really good.

And I'm totally posting the hat. Tres stylish.

I would one-million percent do a post dedicated to your Wilfair cupcakes! Done. Decided.

That's a hard question -- I agree with Caitlin #1 on not knowing -- but I think Monty may have some peanut butter in his and Sutton lemon.

Also, Prior's cupcake would include several of the ingredients of his eponymous Prior Yates cocktail, with the suckable sweet on top.

Caitlin #1, agree on red velvet=Thurs Mathers.

Caitlin #1 said...

On second thought, I think Gomery's cupcake has caramel in it somehow.

And Monty's definitely has nuts of some sort. ;)

Fair's is either funfetti or is not a cupcake at all but is instead a pile of frosting in a cupcake wrapper.

Wilfair Book said...

Caitlin #1: You read my mind with Fair's cupcake, like, down to the funfetti! YES. Colorful and FULL of frosting.

I can get behind your other thoughts very much, too.

This is all win, in short.

bess said...

Alysia- I loved your book selections too, I was tickled that our picks were put next to eachother!

I'm going back and forth on whether Gomery's cupcake is some variety of chocolate or carrot cake. Right now I'm feeling carrot cake with cream cheese frosting.

Chiara said...

I watch Pretty Little Liars, never connected him to Gomery though but yes, I can totally see it!

The cupcakes sound like fun and for Gomery, what came to mind is a vanilla cupcake with salty caramel and a vanilla butter cream frosting. Oh, and a blue sugar flower on top. Which is actually a cupcake they have in the cupcake shop in town. I even have a picture from their Facebook page.

Also, excited to read the Wilfic!

PS: I apologize for the two deleted comments, that was me. First I forgot something, and because I forgot to edit the link so it's clickable, I had to edit again. I'm a bit weird like that.

do dah said...

i'm thinking the gomery cupcake would include difficult or unaccountable ingredients that ultimately end up being quite tasty. for instance, the last time i was in santa fe, i had several desserts involving the combination of chocolate, chili, and pinon nuts that were absolutely DELICIOUS. (note: if you're ever in santa fe, stop at the chocolate maven, home of said concoctions. it's yum).

Wilfair Book said...

bess: I also had no idea we had a mutual affection for RuPaul. Hooray!

I like Gomery as carrot cake.

Chiara: That is a gorgeous photo. Thank you for sharing. Also, salty caramel is one of my must-eat flavors. In fact, I just bought a fall-smelly room spray in salty caramel. The result? It works a little too well.

No worries on deleted comments! I write stuff and then want to rewrite it quite often. Comment at will and without worry. :)

do dah: WHAT. Do you know I'm a huge Santa Fe person? How often have you been? Where do you stay? Have you been to Ten Thousand Waves? Or Cafe Pasqual's? Or Doodlets? Or or or... I can go on. And can I admit that keeping pinons in my pantry is absolutely out for me, because I'll finish the whole bag in a day? I like them in everything, savory and sweet.

Kelly said...

SO many good cupcake ideas. Salted caramel is one of my favourite all-time flavours.

I will definitely get working on some wilfair cupcakes the next time I have a free weekend.

do dah said...

i've only been to santa fe a couple times, most recently last year. i have been to cafe pasqual's, but not the others. i stayed at whatever hotel is near the medical center. shrug. it's such a magical city, though, that it's on my list of places to revisit every so often, especially since it is a reasonable weekend trip for me. once i remember that i have the power to, like, ignore my life and go cool places... somehow, that's easy to forget.

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