Dapper Day

Today -- Friday, Sept. 6 -- is Dapper Day at Disneyland.

You might have heard of this still recent, oh-so-charming phenomenon: People dress up, very often in vintage, and head out to promenade around Disneyland for the day.

And I do mean dress up. Pinafores and fedoras and pocket squares and gloves are on full display. It's a cheeky way to wear something fancy outside of, say, a wedding or a prom or business event.

I wish the Dapper Dayers well -- it is sizzling in LA today, as is early September's usual way -- but I'm sure they'll look quite swell.

Can I also say that scrolling through Dapper Day photos is like a trip deep into Fair Finley's wardrobe? Really, my ladies. If you need a really nice two minutes, take a break and enjoy the photos.

This is a post dedicated to Ginny, by the by, who should be a Dapper Day with me. Sending big hugs, Ginny, to you and yours, and wanting to add a little sweetness to your day (and anyone out there who could use some extra light and cheer).

By the way, I'm imagining that you're in the pretty red dress and snood you rocked in this Wilfairian pictorial.

Oh, and Dapper Day is headed to Disneyland Paris next week, and Orlando the week after, if any of you are near either area. You likely know my feelings about Disneyland -- it is an inspiration to me and to the books (and I'm married to a Disney man to boot) -- and you know my feelings about getting gussied-up and strutting your stuff when the spirit strikes. Pro and pro on both accounts.


cr: ryan nagelmann

cr: Gaby Arreola

cr: Gabe Ayala


Ginny said...

Big thanks and big hugs from me and my mom. It gave us both a much needed smile today!

bess said...

This looks like so much fun! I would go just for the people/fashion watching.

myrandaroyann said...

This looks awesome! I would love to attend a Dapper Day!

Wilfair Book said...

The photos coming out of this year's Dapper Days are spec-tac-u-lar. Google 'em and see! Fun, fun outfits full of charm.

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