Grown-Up Pajama Party

Each and every year, vintage enthusiasts gather on the Queen Mary, a 1930s ocean-liner that is permanently docked in Long Beach, California. They arrive on Labor Day Weekend to talk about Art Deco and wear old-fashioned frocks and whoop it up at the oceanside hotel.

But my favorite part of the Art Deco Weekend is this: They throw a grown-up pajama party on the first night. We're talking fancy, shiny pajamas, and satin robes, all with a retro look. People sip cocktails and hobnob and have a grand time. (Nope, I haven't gone, just daydreamed as the pictures get uploaded.)

Clearly this tradition has to be instituted at The Wilfair Hotel. And not once a year, either, but maybe the third Saturday of every month? Guests may stay in their nightwear and mill about the lobby, socializing and eating dip late into the wee smalls.

Fair Finley would keep a particular set of pajamas for the occasion, and not her second-best pajamas which she wears over to the Motel Fairwil in "Stay Awhile." I'll call her official Pajama Party Pajamas her professional pajamas. Lots of piping and trim. And not at all see-through! No. Prim, proper, so forth.

Monty Overbove might be jealous and would be prone to lingering at the hotel's edges, trying to join the party. I half-expect that Montgomery Y. Overbove wears what he sleeps in outside at the motel quite often, because he can't be bothered.

Gomery, on the other hand, always gets dressed before he leaves his room, though he did forget once, checking in a 3 a.m. couple in his button-up top and pajama bottoms.

"Damn it," sighed Gomery, as he returned to his room to find his still-belted corduroys hanging from the peg by the door. Looking down, his suspicions were confirmed: He'd exited his room while wearing his oldest, pilliest stripies.

I expect Wilfair staff would also have professional pajamas of sorts, for the monthly party, so the guests would feel more comfortable showing up in their flannels and comfies.

Here's a photo from last year's Art Deco pajama soiree on the Queen Mary. I love this old ship so so so much. And Hugh Laurie does too, apparently! Come see it with me, Wilfriends.


Oh look: Gomery and Fair might have stopped by the festival a few years back (or some stylish revelers who put those two in my mind).

cr: Queen Mary/Art Deco Festival


Ginny said...

That's going on my to do list right underneath Dapper Day at Disneyland!

Wilfair Book said...

Ginny, we should do a Dapper Day together! What fun. Although my pearls might flap in my face on The Matterhorn.

do dah said...

this sounds like a complete delight. as does a wilfair version. fancy pjs for everyone!

Ginny said...

If I didn't have so much going on right now, I would definitely consider a last minute Dapper Day trip!

Chiara said...

Perfect party. I live in pajamas. Well not all the time because I doubt people would appreciate that but at home I do. How fun would it be to shop for a special pair of pajamas for a fancy pajama party?!

Wilfair Book said...

do dah and Ginny: Perhaps we will all be pajama'd together in Long Beach one year. :)

Chiara: We are very much the same in this regard. I like classic '40s-style men's pajamas myself!

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