Happy Fall

It's the first day of fall here, and it actually feels rather fall-like, which is rather unusual.

A Los Angeles summer runs from Fourth of July to Halloween. June is gloomy and damp, so I never think of it as summer, and October has the famous Santa Ana winds, which are hot gusts off the desert. It can be strange and discombobulating to have a cool autumn day, temperature-wise, and then feel a rather roasting gust blow through the city.

But today is a quintessential fall day. Love. And here's what's happening near Wilshire Boulevard and Fairfax Avenue as I type.

Sutton Von Hunt is at work -- Sunday is a busy day at Farmers Market -- and she's helping her grandmother prepare autumnal fruits. Cranberries and grapes and pears and apples will all go into a small, edible tower fruit sculpture, a sculpture that perfectly replicates the famous Farmers Market clocktower, but a clocktower you can eat.

The high school senior is also working on her calculus homework between customers.

Fair Finley is overseeing a menu change in the 500 Dip Bar inside The Wilfair Hotel. The autumn dips start today, including those made with butternut squash, figs, brussel sprouts, leeks, beets. Later, she'll start thinking about the holidays, since fall flies, and what the hotel will need to do to prepare. A band will soon need to booked for New Year's Eve. She wonders if she'll never not work that particular holiday.

Someone who always works that holiday is just out back of The Wilfair, sweeping the Motel Fairwil pool. A few errant leaves, all brown and crackly, float on the surface. Gomery Overbove figures they're from the oaks along Orange Street, which is just behind the motel. After netting a dozen leaves, Gomery returns the scoop to its holder, grabs his Quantum Dynamics and Holography textbook from a table beneath one of the umbrellas, and settles in on one of the motel's old loungers to read. A half hour later he's asleep in the soft autumn sunshine. Five minutes after that, an oak leaf alights on his head. And he's awake.

His cousin is not at home today, but rather in search of a spot to film a scene from the independent movie he wants to make, if he ever has the time or money. Monty Overbove and a couple of his school pals have driven up to the mountains, Lake Arrowhead to be specific, because they need a boat scene. But once Monty realizes he'll need to rent a boat, and that will add to the budget, he decides to film on the lake's shoreline instead. It's fifteen degrees cooler up the mountain, and he's in a parka, which is a bit too heavy for the weather but it makes him feel very much like a director. Dress for the job you want, thinks a slightly sweaty Monty.

It's springtime for Prior Yates and Clementine Hwang, who've found themselves on the same movie shoot in Patagonia. It's a movie about a lone adventurer seeking his fortune among glaciers and peaks, and Prior's grown his first beard for the role, something he's exceedingly peacocky about. Clementine is hoping to incorporate ice as a sound effect, how it clinkles and breaks and sighs as it forms. Her Franktone A-2900S reel-to-reel made the trip, of course. It sat next to her in a free seat on the airplane, a belt around its metal base.

Thurs Mathers was also in Argentina on business this morning, enjoying a bit of spring, but he'll be back in Los Angeles for an autumn-lovely lunch. No planes required.



Chiara said...

Brussels sprouts dip? Butternut squash dip? Beet dip? Fig dip? I need to come and visit the Wilfair!!

Caitlin #2 said...

Thurs' day makes me smile :D

Also Monty's, because I was just up at Lake Arrowhead this past weekend, and probably will be again this weekend. It's gorgeous up there! The dogwood trees are just starting to change color. And it was chilly enough that I don't think he would have been super sweaty unless his parka was very heavy indeed - or unless he's one of those weird human furnace people, in which case he should know that even when he is a famous director, he won't need a parka.

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