Motel Sign Birthday

The Wilfair books are magically realistic, yes, but they're grounded in a few things I know a bit about. I spent over five years living in hotels, and, on the day I was born, an announcement was made on the marquee of my dad's motel: "Welcome Miss Gray."

Yes, motel signs and I go back to the very, very beginning. :)

The B&W-ness of the photo, the iffy quality, and the vintage-ness of the sign make it seem like it could be from the late '40s, which I love. Sadly, I am not from the late '40s but rather am a 1970 bambino.

Thank you, past employees of my father, for the warm hello. I couldn't read yet but I'm sure that I sensed, as I rested snug in my incubator and got accustomed to living, that something sweet was out there in the world.

(Still do.)


Kelly said...

Awwww! That is the cutest. Having a motel sign on which to display important announcements seems awesome. I would definitely abuse the power though, and use it for various inappropriate and irrelevant purposes.

do dah said...

that's pretty awesome. well done, your parents!

Chiara said...

This is too adorable :)

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