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Whenever Top 15 questionnaires pop up online, there's a good chance one of the questions will be "what's your secret superpower?"

A few things to say to that. A) If a person has a superpower, I hope they're not keeping it secret but using it for good and B) I want to fly, for like five minutes, in a room that has a lot of mattresses and pillows on the floor.

But. If I had to wear a cape and change in a phone booth, my alternate ego would have to be The Introducer.

The fact is, I love introducing people to people, I love telling friends about ideas or books or places I think they'd like, I like trying to place dogs in homes, and I like writing about restaurants and hotels and destinations that are run by fantastic people and offer fantastic experiences.

And, yes, I really like matchmaking, though, like in "Emma," my own Mr. Knightley -- better known as Mr. Painter 'round these parts -- does gently advise me to redirect my "everyone hug!" urges toward more fruitful, less angst-inducing pursuits.

In short? I aim to be a positive-minded meddler. There are a couple of those in the "Wilfair" books, and Fair Finley definitely to a fault. So much so she briefly suggests that Valencia Rainey-Palomo and Gomery Overbove might make a good pair. Monty is aghast and agog, but Fair informs him that it is better her own heart is broken than Gomery's, when she takes that blasted pool.

Oh, Fair.

And if I hear someone say something nice about someone else? That second someone is GOING TO hear about it, all caps. Truth: I nearly run, stumbling, to tell that other person, because Gomery said it himself in "Redwoodian": We don't hear a tenth of the nice things said about us in this world.

So, what's your superpower? Please promise me you're not keeping it a secret.

And if I can introduce you to anything -- person, place, or thing -- you know I will. I've already made a few connections for my Wilfriends, here and off-blog, and nothing pleases The Introducer more than a pleasing connection made.

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Melbourne on my mind said...

I think my superpower would be "Weird person who remembers all the lyrics to songs she hasn't heard in 20 years". Which is a pretty crappy superpower, now that I think about it...

Either that, or "convincing people that I'm the greatest person ever through production of excessive amounts of baked goods".

Wilfair Book said...

Well, well, well -- what a good day! Melbourne on my mind is in the house!

Here's my question about your lyrics-remembering: Do you remember the correct lyrics? Or do they transmogrify over time, in your mind, so now you sing something entirely different and weird?

Also, do you remember any of the dance routines you made up to songs as a child? Like, I feel pretty certain I could break out all the moves I made up to "Hungry Like the Wolf." Not that it would be attractive, entertaining, or pleasant for the viewer, I'm just saying I remember.

Wilfair Book said...

Oh, Kirsti, I scuttled away before I said this: I think your ability to remember songs or baked goods production needs a superhero-esque name.

My thoughts: The Tune Maestra, Song-a-Knower, The Pastry-Suprema.

Pitched on one measly cup of coffee, fyi. Nope, they're not polished nor especially usable, but I wanted to put those out there, in case you do need a secret identity name.

xo, The Introducer

bess said...

Producing excessive amounts of baked good is a pretty excellent super power!

The Introducer is very impressive to me, I am a little awkward when in comes to introducing so I admire those who can do it with finesse.You know how wrestlers and chess players name moves? You should call your introducing technique The Woodhouse! As in "You've just been Woodhoused" or "She didn't even see that Woodhouse coming".

As for my super powers? Similar to Kirsti's power, I have a good memory for random facts and bits of knowledge, especially when it comes to pop culture. If you're trying to remember the name of that guy from that movie, I'm your girl. This makes me very good at games like Trivial Pursuit. Perhaps I am the Trivial Pursuer?

My other talent is walking into the kitchen about 1 minute before the timer goes off on the oven.

do dah said...

i recently had a conversation about superhero business cards (if you handed out a business card related to your superpower, what would it say?). i decided that mine would read "i will piss you off, 10 cents." apparently the inclusion of a price put it over the top for everyone else... i was really just referencing jill connor browne.

the positive side of that particular power -- which is basically unadulterated bluntness -- is that it can be pretty funny, when not aimed directly at a person and when combined with unusual phrasing. or, i assume this is the case, because i often reduce people to giggles by saying the things that pop into my head? perhaps i'm thinking wishfully.

introducing, remembering, and baked goods all sound like fine powers to me (fine as in good and classy, not as in "meh"). i envision said baked goods spewing out of a sort of... ray gun cannon of delightfulness. it is blue.

(please note that the captcha for this comment is a slight misspelling of initech. amusing! i do love swingline staplers...)

myrandaroyann said...

Having an Introducer around would really come in handy for me! I'm very shy and I have trouble introducing myself to people. It always helps me to have a friend around to do the introducing for me.

I don't know what my superpower would be...reading fast? Being goofy? Being very good at guessing plot twists in movies/tv shows/books? I do like to bake but I wouldn't call it my superpower...


Wilfair Book said...

bess: Please trademark The Woodhouse at once. I love it! There's probably a blog or something that considers specific quirks, moves, or techniques based on classic characters.

Can I also admit we both share a fondness for Trivial Pursuit and we have the oven-timer-knowing thing going on? I usually return to the kitchen at around :25, even if the brownies have been baking for an hour. I mean, obviously this sounds like bragging, but I don't know where to direct this talent next. Would P.T. Barnum have known how to capitalize upon it, or some other old-timey impresario?

do dah: Please have those superhero business cards made. And you are funny. Believe this but I sit here and laugh audibly at what you say. AUDIBLY.

myranda: I have sensed your goof-o-sity and admire it greatly. Please keep building on it! More goofs=more goodness in the world. My opinion.

Also, I want you and Mr. Painter to see a film together, so you can out-plot-twist-guess each other. He's also most excellent at seeing what's coming, but, to his credit, he never tells me.

Though he does do an eyebrow waggle that indicates he knows, which drives his lady a little nutsy. ;)

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