We Love Beards

Obviously, obviously, someone in the Wilfairverse has to grow a beard one day.

Every male in the books, save Fair Finley's little brothers, are well into beard-growing territory, should they choose to go that route.

Some probably will, though whether that will start in "Fairwil" -- the final book -- or post-books remains to be seen.

Prior Yates has grown a beard for a rugged film shoot. I mentioned he's quite peacockish about it, too, especially because it is his first beard. ("The first time is a little weird," I said. "Truer words," said Monty.)

Monty Overbove has pondered growing a '70s-style TV detective mustache, for kicks. He's been encouraging Gomery to participate in Movember, and I think Gomery just might. Though our bespectacled aspiring physicist leans more beard than mustache, meaning he might go the neat bearded route and leave the 'stache-based pursuits to his cousin.

The Wilfair Hotel does have an employee facial hair policy on the books, from decades ago, but Fair Finley is probably going to get rid of it, as she's sick of outdated, ridiculous policies lingering on well past their usefulness.

What's your favorite type of beard? Or do you go strictly clean-shaven? And should the Overbove cousins participate in Movember, which is where guys grow mustaches and beards during the month of November to help fund men's health initiatives? They should, methinks, because they both have large hearts.

Now, for some photos from this month's National Beard & Moustache Championships in New Orleans. Aren't they wonderful? These hirsute, handsome gentlemen clearly put a lot of care into their style. I don't know which is my favorite, though. All of them? I do like how "moustache" is spelled, too, in the event name. Very elegant and old-world.

cr: Greg Anderson/National Beard and Moustache Championships


do dah said...

love this! i want to go to those championships some day. i really, really do.

my favorite style, actually, is anything that could qualify for said championship; i love the idea of facial hair in the wild, but am decidedly "meh" about having it anywhere near me in person.

also, the mention of prior's beard was definitely my favorite part of the previous tidbit. because of course he would cuddle with it.

Kelly said...

I am decidedly pro-beard.

Of those pictures, tartan flat-cap dude is my winner, although I'm very impressed with the efforts of all these gentlemen. Having said that, in real life, I have no idea how I would even approach the situation (kissing-wise) if my theoretical other half had anything approaching this level of facial foliage.

A little bit of manly scruff though, I can definitely support.

Wilfair Book said...

do dah: I think of you when I think of Prior. Also, it is nice having a beard in the immediate vicinity, I can confirm.

Kelly: I'm also partial to Mr. Tartan Flat-Cap.

There is a bit of, um, impromptu exfoliation involved when one loves a man with a beard. It's not a bad thing, it's actually quite helpful.

do dah said...

hahahahhaha! "dude, i'm feeling flaky. come make out with me!" (file under: sentences that probably accomplish the opposite of what you intend)

(also, awww! hugs to prior. and you.)

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