Year of the Brooch

September is my birthday month, but I'm not alone: September happens to be the biggest month for birthdays in the United States, by far.

Makes sense, right? All that mistletoe and Champagne hitting nine or so months before. Smile.

I'm a contented September baby and I love my birthday. No qualms over getting a year older; it is a privilege to be able to move forward along my timeline on this planet right now. Beyond a privilege, actually. It is a lark, a challenge, and a ball. Sometimes all in one day.


Every birthday I try and incorporate better ways of living, thinking, working, and being with the world into my life. Some of those things fall way, way by the wayside come October, but I tend to cling to a few new mantras and paths.

"Easing up" is one focus for this year ahead. In all things. (Translation: Being more attentive with where I apply intensity and purpose; some minimal matters are simply not worth my worry.)

But it isn't all deep thoughts 'round Casa Painter. I've decided to wear more brooches this year, because I'm mad for them, they're fun and inexpensive buys found in the best thrift store shoe boxes, and I won't have to pay much nevermind to other areas of my outfit if I'm be-brooched. (Part of the whole "easing up" plan.)

My neighbor is a vintage collector/buyer by trade, and many costumers for movies set in the '50s/'60s/'70s shop her collection. A couple of times a year she has a huge everything-must-go sale, so I swung by and picked up a quartet of brooches.

I can't wait to swan about in these! Oh, and swan I shall. I'm starting tonight.

(And, yep, that makes two fashion posts in a row. I'll be back to doughy long looks and behind-the-scenes commentary soon.)


myrandaroyann said...

Awesome brooches! I have a few pieces that I can wear as either necklaces or brooches. I need to go through my collection of my grandmother and great grandmother's jewelry to see if we kept some brooches. I know my great grandmother had some.

Happy, Happy Birthday! You deserve the swankiest, snood-iest, brooch-iest day ever! :D

Easing up is a great Birthday resolution...I could use that kind of thinking!

Amanda W said...

Happy Birthday! I love these brooches, and I love that this is teh year of brooches. I approve. I've never managed to feel like I can pull that off, but maybe you will inspire me. Relatedly, one of my New Year's resolutions this year was to become a scarf person (may or may not have something to do with becoming a knitter). Sadly, this is harder to do when you are hot-natured and live in Texas, but I'm determined! ;) Brooches and scarves feel like cousins to me...and brooches are certainly more warm-weather friendly.

Also, have you seen the book "Read My Pins" about Madeleine Albright?
If not, you should check it out.

do dah said...

the swirly silver one would look fantastic on a silk turban. should you need to go suddenly screen siren. i've not yet figured out how they pulled off turbans, actually, but one can always hope.

Chiara said...

Happy Belated Birthday Alysia!

I thought this post with some pug resolutions might be fitting considering you made birthday resolutions:

Also, maybe invite these two to your birthday party next year? I'm sure they'll be tons of fun:

Wilfair Book said...

myranda: Thanks! It was a really good birthday. Though I did, in fact, forget to wear one of my new (old) brooches, but I'll remedy that in the weeks ahead.

Amanda: I have now added that book to my list. Great rec! And why did I think you were in North Carolina? Where in Texas are you, might I ask? We might need to talk regional barbecue. :)

Also, yes. Scarves. I'm for them, always, heat, cold, yes. I went through a phase in high school where I wore scarves around my head a la Grace Kelly in the '50s. Oh boy. I thought I was STYLING. You betcha!

do dah: I do not own a turban, but I am not against sticking brooches on unusual pieces of clothing/hats or in offbeat places. A sleeve? A shoe? Hmm. Maybe as an impromptu belt buckle?

Chiara: The pug resolutions made me laugh (although exactly 0 of the pugs I have known or now know would follow the "stop procrastinating" goal -- if they can nap instead of do anything else, nap they shall).

Chubbs the Pug is my new dog obsession of the week. Yeah, I'm in a constant state of squee over here!

Amanda W said...

Alysia, I've confused you by moving from NC to TX this summer. I live in Austin now. (Hubby and I lived in Houston when we first got married, so I'm no stranger to Texas-sized heat, but I have to say I prefer Austin's dryer air).

And yes, barbecue. This Kansas City girl did not consider Eastern Carolina pulled pork bbq, so it's nice to be back in the land of briskett and sausage and dry rubs and spicy red sauce. Mmmm... I have become an instant fan of Rudy's.

Wilfair Book said...

Amanda, I didn't know! Ha ha, not that you'd be like "oh, hold on, movers: I have to tell Alysia we're headed to Austin." :) I mean, please: I'm nosy but not *that* nosy!

I've always wanted to visit Austin. Congress and 6th Streets are quite happening, yes? And The Salt Lick?

You're experiencing all the BBQ capitals: Kansas City, NC, and Texas! Nice.

Also, Calvin Trillin, one of my favorite, favorite writers, is from Kansas City. Another place I must go.

Amanda W said...

So far, Austin is fun. We've just started getting to know our new town, but there's lots to do and see. And what's not to love about a city whose motto is "Keep Austin Weird?" :)

Also, you should definitely visit Kansas City. It's a great place too!

do dah said...

Amanda W -- You have to go to the Salt Lick. It's not IN Austin, exactly, but it's close. Also several of the hole-in-the-wall pit places... if I remember correctly, the one in Marble Falls is highly praised. Also, if you're the pancake sort, would you go to (the clean, north Austin) Kirbey Lane and have gingerbread pancakes for me? It's that time of year...

Amanda W said...

do dah - Salt Lick, got it. Also...yes, Kirby Lane. I've been there once and keep thinking about how I want to go back. I live about two miles from the North Austin location. We went during tomato-season, so we had this crazy amazing tomato and feta pie (there I am with pie again). But gingerbread pancakes sound like just the ticket (I am definitely the pancake sort...really the any breakfast food sort).

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