Your Town in "Fairwil"

"Fairwil" -- the fourth and last book of the "Wilfair" series -- is still a ways off, but I've begun thinking about little ways of thanking readers, beyond the oh-so-important, I-love-it-love-it-love-it up-front shout-out.

So there's a bit near the middle of the book where our bespectacled 'n corduroy'd motelier Gomery Overbove starts listing places, for Reasons, and I thought it might be fun for him to list every city or state or country of a reader who has been by the blog or sent me a hello.

If you hang around here but don't see your city, province, state, or country, please drop me a line so I make sure it is in.

Honest, the longer he goes on with his list, the clappier I get, because the other people standing there are like "okay, okay, get to your point already!" Characters being lovably cranky with other characters = Alysia's Happy Place #39.

Also, if we've chatted and I somehow missed your locale, well, dang it. Apologies. Let me know, please.

Truth: Fair Finley actually says a few of the places, too, but Gomery is doing the main rattling-off. When Gomery is on a roll, I only want to encourage and further, never dissuade or halt.

Manhattan Beach
San Francisco
East Bay
San Diego
Humboldt County
The desert
Las Vegas
Timmer, North Dakota
North Carolina
New York



bess said...

Three cheers for Charm City! Will Fairwil truly be the final book? Somehow I imagined it going on forever . . .
I'm feeling feelings about this.

bess said...

Not bad feelings necessarily, I didn't mean that to sound that way. It's always good to have an endpoint.

Erika said...

I'd also put in a pip for Goleta because I loved much of my life their a d few people have heard of it's gloriousness!

Erika said...

Oh my god. Totally embarrassed. Do not ever comment right after a nap whilst on cold medication! Duly noted to myself.

"I'd also put in a pip for Goleta because I LIVED so much of my life THERE and few people have heard of the gloriousness of the Goodland."

I'm going to pretend that I just wanted to be memorable. *shame*

Ginny said...

Feeling feelings here too!

How about a shout out to Scottsdale? :)

Wilfair Book said...

Bess! I will write more on this soon, but thanks for the cheer and emotion!

Erika: Seriously, I JUST wrote about Goleta for work. The lemon fest! Psychic. Of course I'll add!

PS You can comment here, asleep or awake. No judgment, only understanding. Plus I think we're all pretty pro-nap. (Hope you're feeling better.)

PPS I was just thinking of dropping you a line! Glad to see you. :)

Ginny: Of course. Our mutual birthplace! Dear anyone who happens to read this comment: Did you know that Ms. Ginny and I discovered we were born in the same hospital? There was some squealing over that discovery.

Melbourne on my Mind said...

I am ten thousand per cent on board with this idea.

Wilfair Book said...

Ms. Melbourne, I was just about to comment over at your place. Holy cannoli, what a week you've had. Want to come over for cocktail? I'm running out to the store right now, I can pick up your favorite mixer. Oh, wait. There's an ocean between us and probably some sharks and jellies and such.


Colds, computer malfunctions, and stressful job interviews do indeed come in trios, as the wise sages of yore once said. (I think.)

Chiara said...

Aaaw, I love this! If you want to be more specific than The Netherlands, or better more obscure because nobody will know where it is, feel free to use my actual town Kerkrade instead :)

Erika said...

The only thing better than lemon fest in Goleta is Avocado fest in Carpenteria. Avocado fries dipped in avocado ice cream anyone??

Wilfair Book said...

Chiara: Kerkrade added!

Erika: And I JUST wrote about the avocado fest in Carp! Ha ha ha ha. Let's go! No, I kind of want to. Although I'm a little booked-up that weekend. But one year! I want to try the avocado ice cream.

Wilfair Book said...

Chiara: Apologies! I thought Kerkrade had been added but clearly it did not. Corrected. It's live, lady! :)

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