Latitude and Longitude

I chose a real intersection as the main setting for the Wilfair books for a few reasons. First and foremost, I believe it to be a magical intersection, firmly and completely and I-won't-hear-otherwise-ly. Wilshire Boulevard and Fairfax Avenue neighbors some wondrous places and sights, so I felt it should have its own starring role in a little fictional world.

But I also picked the real Los Angeles location just in case any readers wanted to visit. (I want to go absolutely everywhere I read about, real or not.) That's coming to pass, which is thrilling. Oh, and may I add I just went on a small reader-photo shopping spree and bought new props for future visits. Two words: Pool. Noodle.

And while I've thought about Wilshire and Fairfax in a lot of ways over the last few years, I've never considered its coordinates. But reader Ginny did, and look, look, lookie here: She had them stamped onto a sweet copper necklace charm, a charm that made its way to my mailbox.

Too much. Just. Really. So many feelings. And now we all know The Wilfair's and the Fairwil's latitude and longitude!

(Of course, Gomery Overbove already does, too. I should have asked him.)

And did it arrive on just the day I needed a nice surprise? Hoo boy. And did I blubber a little? Hoo boy.

Ginny, you mind reader you. Total gratitude.

(Oh, and she also included a card with a photo of a hotel swimming pool. It happens to be the very hotel my parents used to visit as young marrieds, but she did not know that. Mind reader extraordinaire!)

Spiffing Jewelry made this. I probably won't take it off any day soon.


Amanda W said...

so cool!

Wilfair Book said...

Right? Love it. Have a good one, Amanda!

Kelly said...

So pretty! This should definitely be an item in the Wilfair swag shop. I love how it's sort of secretive, since even if somebody tried to look up the coordinates they would probably be left a little confused and intrigued by the wearers desire to display the location of that particular intersection.

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