New Story, Ahoy!

That little original Halloween prequel I mentioned a few days back? It's not so little now. It is, in fact, one-tenth of the size of "Wilfair."

Oh good golly. My fingers, they want to type. It's like Night of the Typing Fingers over here. Dun dun dun, cue thunder sound effect.

So here's my evil plan: Halloween is nine days away and there are seven parts. I'll post one a day, ish, right through October 31.

It's just for fun, is all. I like giving you stuff. Consider this a wee sticky caramel for your plastic pumpkin bucket. You like caramels, right? Toffee? What's your candy bar? I'm straight-up Hershey's with almonds, I gotta say. Although Coffee Crisp -- hi, Canada! -- is something I can't resist, either. And Lion Bars, too, another international favorite.


On an autumn-related note... Kelly mentioned in a comment that fall in Los Angeles seems a rather odd thing, what with the swimming pools and pumpkins. I snapped a photo in The Wilfair Hotel's neighborhood that kind of sums up the season: colorful fall leaves foreground, a summer-like palm tree background.

LA is very often about conflicting concepts occupying the same spaces.


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