Prequel Ahead: Halloween

Writing a few prequels earlier this year was a full-on gas. A gas! There was the hotel alarm one, the April Fools one, and We Sleep After Dark, you may recall. (But if you do not recall, and you're like, "awww, it's been awhile since 'Stay Awhile,' the last Wilfair book," then feel free to jump into these -- they're all in the theme of the books, only earlier.)

I wanted to write a Halloween one, and so I am. But this one's grown longer than all the others, so I'm going to run it in bite-sized chunks -- 300 or 400 words at a time -- in the days leading up to Halloween.  At this point there may be four or five installments, but we'll see what the weekend yields.

Before that begins I've got a post I've really been looking forward to: Reader Kelly's serious style. She has some major panache and I'm going to celebrate it here, complete with a shoe photo and some brooch love.

That's up this weekend, and then: Halloweeeeeen!

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