Reader Style: Kelly

Many surprises have flowered in the Wilfairverse, but one of the best has to be reader photos (which happens to be an offshoot of the very best flower of all, the delightful readers themselves).

I like seeing your travels and hobbies and funkier pursuits. And when you bring the sort of fashion and style that is echoed in the Wilfair books into the photographic mix, I'm agog and all eyes.

Kelly shared some sartorial-forward snapshots with me and she's given me the a-ok to post them here and gush a bit. Hooray, peeking inside someone's closet, with permission!

I already sensed, from across the planet, her style at every turn, though. One of the first anecdotes that she told me was about the time she wore a princess dress on the Tube, an act which made me her instant fan. Also, these are the Wilfair cupcakes she baked and thematically designed, and even the frosting swirls have flair.

Now, straight from London, a few fun fashion things via Kelly. Thanks, lady!

And an aside: Any person who goes for a diaphanous and over-sized fascinator has permanent cred here. Same with the rrowr-ready brooch, chunky-heeled and brightly colored shoes, and all of the whimsical jewelry pieces.

Also: the snitch necklace was a gift from her sister. Please high five your sister for us, Kelly, because that is a nifty gift. And the leopard brooch hails from Butler and Wilson. 

Please report back as to how he fares on the lapel of  your winter coat. I bet his mere presence'll light the rrowr in you all winter long.


Kelly said...

Thanks Alysia :) I feel a tiny bit famous now!

Wilfair Book said...

Kelly! I put this post together after a rather long-ish couple of days and it was just the balm I need. Your pretty pictures are the best!

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