Seven Monday Morsels

1. Should I post more "Fairwil" stuff in the months ahead? I'm totally fishing. Of course I'm going to post more stuff from the fourth and last book! My excited posting fingers and my excited face say all signs point to yes!

2. I'm still chugging along on commentary from past books, too. Another one in a few days.

3. Reading an atmospheric and eerie short story in October is something I absolutely adore. Any recs? I'm ready to go Washington Irving again, because it has been too long since Ichabod and I have trotted together through the shadowy woods surrounding Sleepy Hollow.

4. Is "relentless" really a negative word? I was speaking admiringly of my husband and his persistence in all things the other day. It's a quality I rank quite highly. But I think, with major goals and projects that spread out over several years, that a certain relentlessness is required, too, even above persistence. Relentlessness is basically persistence with its tough pants on. Agree? Thoughts?

5. I love meeting readers friends through this blog and the Wilfair books. And two hilarious and zingy people have checked into this hotel-y spot in recent days. Rosemary Hallmark, who has a funny design-style-food-dog-everything site that very much aligns with my interests, is one of the zingy newcomers. Rosemary on the TV is charming. Charming! Thanks for checking in, Rosemary. Then there's Kirsti. KIRSTI. Her posts ooze charisma. We also share a fondness for "Black Books" and Nutella and travel and she just penned a completely engrossing post on book turn-offs. She's at Melbourne on my Mind. Three guesses as to the beautiful city she calls home.

6. Random: So there's a this-n-that store near Wilshire Boulevard and Fairfax Avenue. I bought a pal a Halloween balloon a few nights back, to tie to her door and run away cackling, and as I walked right across the very spot that the Motel Fairwil pool exists in the book universe, the balloon broke from the string and flew to the moon. It felt so fricking poetic. And I wanted to tell everyone in the parking lot why I thought it was poetic -- "there's a pretend pool here and, uhhh, balloons, and the sky, and the universe, and forearms, and ideas, and love, everyone, love!" -- but they mostly looked at me with pity, because my balloon was gone.

Um. Yeah. Cough.

7. Happy Monday. Monty has industrial cinema class at 10 a.m., Fair has a staff meeting at 10:30, Sutton is out of school at 3, Wil and Bo have piano lessons, Clementine is hiking with Kaeguri at Runyon Canyon, Prior is sleeping through a casting session, and Gomery is over at the Page Museum next to the tar pits, watching the paleontologists through the large lab window at the back, watching as they carefully brush-brush-brush the dried tar from a recently unearthed mastodon tusk fragment.

cr: Page Museum


Melbourne on my Mind said...

I read as far as "Should I post more "Fairwil" stuff?" and clicked through from my reader to comment with a massive OMG YES PLEASE MORE GIVE NOW *GRABBY HANDS* and then saw point 5. And now I'm all blushy and awkward and shy. <3

Melbourne on my Mind said...

PS. I would totally be chilling with Gomery watching the palaeontologists. Because I'm a nerd like that.

Wilfair Book said...

Next time you're in Los Angeles, we will go and press our foreheads against the lab glass and observe the hell out of science. A plan?

All the nice things meant! Also, I should come clean. I looked up some Australian slang because I wanted to drop some in and be cool and impress you, but then realized that it is late and my brain is soft and it would likely have the opposite result.

But "whinge" was on the list, which is on my top ten favorite words ever list. Not big in the U.S. yet, which I frequently whinge about.

Rosemary said...

Thanks for the love!

And if you acknowledged that you're fishing, do I still say YESPLZMOREFAIRWIL?

Because I just did.

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