Wilfair-Themed Cupcakes by Kelly

If I don't get the giant row of exclamation points currently queuing up in my heart out of the way right now, I cannot continue with this post. So: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reader Kelly -- you know our lovely London rep, the lady who is not afraid to wear a princess dress on the Tube -- is something of a pastry wizard. Her sweet-based ideas are yummy, and her contribution to the cupcake-based conversation a couple of weeks back was as sparkly as a heaping handful of crystallized sugar.

So check this out: She went and whipped up Wilfair and Fairwil cupcakes.

Oh yes she did!

I'll let the pastry chef herself say more...

"The Fairwil is a classic vanilla sponge base with cream cheese frosting, and the Wilfair is an orange and cinnamon cake with orange flavoured buttercream, topped with edible gold leaf and extra glitter."

Delicious. And, of course, the colors are spot-on: Motel Fairwil's theme hue is teal and the Wilfair Hotel is orange. The ocean-y cup of the Fairwil cupcake even summons watery-pool thoughts, and The Wilfair's gold cup and glitter are utterly posh and perfect.

I also learned that while The Wilfair was Kelly's favorite, the Fairwils were "polished off" at her workplace faster. Interesting.

Kelly. KELLY. Thank you! These are gorgeous and I am full of emotion. Please open your bakery soon so we may all descend upon it and buy scrumptious goodies from you. In fact, it's on me, ladies, every last treat. Meet you in London at Kelly's someday-soon shop!


Brittany Cole said...

Those look so fabulous! (And sound delicious!)

Wilfair Book said...

Hey lady! Always great to see you at Wilfair HQ. Thanks for stopping by!

Kelly said...

Aw I'm glad you liked them Alysia, if only cupcakes traveled better I would absolutely mail you a whole batch of these. They were really fun to make, it's always great to find the inspiration to try out new flavors and styles.

When I open my future bakery you (and any of the other lovely people from round here who fancy making the trip to London) are definitely invited for a feast of free cakes on opening night.

Wilfair Book said...

At stressful points in my last day or so, I've returned solely to be healed by their exquisite cupcakean hues. That is all I wanted to say. :)

Oh, except I will be there opening night or, dang it, try, in a comical, get-me-to-the-airport-NOW way! This I vow, Kelly.

Wilfair Book said...

Kelly, I went out with two pals last night, ladies far, FAR more creative than I, and they raved over your creations! Hope you felt the love from across the world.

Side note: I've been admiring your frosting technique on The Wilfair this morning.

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