The Wilfair books brim with people who stay awake for much of the night.

The books are also fairly fusty and stodgy-hearted (at first glance, I suppose; I do love slyness and innuendo so very much).

With those two things in mind, it is funny to me that beds have shown up in every book. I guess it isn't that odd, given that the series is centered around hotels and a motel.

Wilfair gets a lot of bed play: The weird cityscape bed at Motel Fairwil and Fair Finley's bed are both visited.

Redwoodian less so, though Fair does imagine Prior Yates snoring in his big bed in his big empty suite.

Stay Awhile, definitely. He sat on the bed a few feet to my right, fell back, and closed his eyes. His feet remained on the floor, as did mine, which was the only thing keeping all of my urges from cracking an eye, gathering in my chest, and throwing a giant luau. 

He=Gomery. Smile.

So it is no surprise that beds'll make a cameo in Fairwil. There are three instances, thus far, and while two make me happy, the third makes me laugh and laugh.

If you're ever wondering what that writer of Wilfair is up to over in Los Angeles, she's usually laughing like a mad little hare. She's making tea and running errands and when she thinks of one of the bed moments in Fairwil she laughs to herself, in a way that is both strange and surely disturbing to those in her immediate vicinity.

I'm not saying it is a perfect moment, nope. And I'm not building it up. Just sharing what's swirling in my ether at the moment.

The third bed cameo is a bit of a stomach-squidger, though, and stomach-squidgers are my second favorite thing, after a multi-layered innuendo. At least in my book. (Literally?)

cr: Brian Reid


Rosemary said...

I would say that stomach-squidgers are my number one and a multi-layered innuendo are my number two. CAN'T WAIT!

Wilfair Book said...

When I say that I LOL'd at your ranking, Rosemary, I actually did LOL. Thank you for letting me know where you're at!

Kelly said...

I think a stomach-squidger all wrapped up in a multi-layered innuendo might be a Wilfair speciality

Wilfair Book said...

That is a magical and welcome observation covered in hot-glued sequins, Kelly! I will sleep with it under my pillow tonight.

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