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The people who exist in the Wilfair world are probably, for the most part, major board game enthusiasts.

Oh, Prior Yates may favor the look-at-me drama of charades or Celebrity -- ever played that party game? -- but all the other Wilfairians likely have their favorite table-top games. The Overbove cousins definitely, since they stayed close to the front desk a lot, growing up, in order to listen for the night bell and guests, and Fair Finley, too, who is a bit of a homebody.

Hmm. Hotelbody?

Sutton Von Hunt is unbeatable when it comes to anything with numbers or spatial challenges (she excels at Mancala, Hex, and Uno).

Fair Finley likes word and knowledge games, like Scrabble and Scattergories, and she loved Careers as a little girl (because she knew she had one career path ahead of her, and the game allowed her to try on a few different hats).

Gomery and Monty like Clue, Risk, and probably tried a little D&D as youths to pass Saturdays spent in the den behind the Motel Fairwil front desk. Monty is also great at Scene It, all versions, and Gomery at chess.

Clementine Hwang is a Trivial Pursuit authority, and any game involving history, and Thurs Mathers? Monopoly, of course.

Obviously they'll all play Apples to Apples one day, down the road, together. Dice-rolling fingers crossed, that is.


Anonymous said...

Ok, so sorry to be off topic (though I love to imagine everyone sitting down to try and play some D&D!) - but I had a Gomery-ish experience the other day I thought I'd share.

I was walking a nature trail with my sister. The trail starts/ends off with a railed boardwalk through a swampy area and, from there, there are two paths on your right that will lead you into the woods. The entrances are about a 3 minutes walk apart and in between is a steep incline that's forested (my geography lecture has a point, I promise).

So my sister and I were just coming back through the woods and stepping onto the boardwalk when we pass a couple of other people. I had just finished Stay Awhile and maybe that's why the guy reminded me of Gomery (or at least how I imagine him - dark, slightly longish, slightly curly-ish hair and wearing jeans and a tan corduroy blazer (so no forearms on display)). We all wave to each other in passing and then continued on (note: he was with a lady friend but no resemblance to Fair unfortunately). So my sister and I continue along the boardwalk and about 30 seconds later pass them again, going the same direction as before! Which I couldn't figure out, since the paths leading to where we were were further apart, and cutting through the swamp or the incline to get ahead of us and circle back would obviously take some time. And this time when passing us he spoke, "Don't mind us, we're just your short term memory."


Maybe they know the woods better than we do, but I'll just choose to believe it's magic.

Just thought you might enjoy that story. Really love the books - thanks!


Wilfair Book said...

Let me set the stage for you, Bazi, regarding how/when I read this comment, which is so wonderful I think I'll put it on my phone's lock screen for a few days, so I can ponder it further. (Hi, I do that sometimes.)

I'd just come inside from watching fireworks -- it's November, I know, but we have them in LA to kick off the holidays -- and I was sipping tea and listening to what I think of as my "Mysterious Fair and Gomery Playlist" so I could do a bit of writing.

So the fireworks + tea + music made your comment just pop off the page. Loved it. And, yep, that guy sounds pretty Gomery-like to me.

A few things:

A) I like how well you set the scene, swampy forest and all. Evocative.

B) That is so strange, how you ran into them again. I dig this sort of stuff!

C) The guy's comment? Perfect.

D) It was magic, for sure.

Thanks for the hello! And the D&D love. Please stop by any ol' time. (PS I added you to the Reader Crushes tab above -- cheers!)

Amanda W said...

Yay board games! I love to imagine the crew playing Apples to Apples. That's a popular one among our friends. One of the littles (he's six) even got the Disney Apples to Apples, Jr. for his birthday one year, so sometimes we bust that out too.

Wilfair Book said...

Amanda: I want that game. Seriously. What are the categories like? Characters? Movies?

Amanda W said...

It's simple, concrete concepts and things, with some characters thrown in. And then all the cards have a picture to illustrate the word, and the picture comes from a Disney show or park or movie. (so, a card that said "car" might have a picture of Lightning McQueen, etc.). It's fun, you should get one!

Wilfair Book said...

That's cute. We just have a lot of Disney experts in our family, little and not so little, so this might be the ticket. Thanks for the rec!

Rosemary said...

So it's not a board game (but for the record, I'm with Fair. Scrabble and Scattegories 4-LIFE!), but every year, Aaron and I host Friendsgiving - a full on Thanksgiving dinner, turkey included, for our ten best friends. We get drunk on wine and play board games after.

BUT before we leave the table, we always play a round of that game where everyone writes a famous person on a piece of paper then we draw and stick them to our foreheads and have to ask questions until we all figure out whose name is on our head. It's THE MOST FUN EVER.

Amanda W said...

Friendsgiving sounds amazing!

Wilfair Book said...

Rosemary, I'm loving the concept of Friendsgiving! Do you have a seat for me? I'll just drive a few states over for an hour and I SWEAR I won't crouch over the stuffing bowl, shoveling it by the spoonful into my maw.

Yeah, I said "maw."

Yeah, I might be fibbing, too. I'll probably eat all of the stuffing, because I'm a stuffing hog.

Also, the game you describe is called "Celebrity," at least out here on La West Coast. It is fun fun fun, indeedy.

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