Mechanical Bull

There I was, waiting in line at Starbucks for my nonfat peppermint latte, when I spied the CDs they sell at the counter.

"The Diving Board" by Elton John caught my eye first. I like Sir Elton -- "Mona Lisas & Mad Hatters" and some other early EJ is on the Wilfair playlist -- and I really like diving boards, though maybe not for their intended purpose.

Then I saw the CD next to it: "Mechanical Bull" by Kings of Leon. Two seconds later I was pondering how the Wilfair books might be different if a mechanical bull and not a diving board was the anticipated, errrrr, meeting place between a particular hotelier and motelier.

Which sounds quite saucy, though I pictured the scene rather comically. Bobbing heads where mouths can't quite line up? Yes. Flying reins? Sure. Laughs? Lots.

And then the patient barista caught my attention and I ordered, still a little spacy, given the fact that I was phoning in my drink request from Wilfairlandia.

Also, "Urban Cowboy" totally owns mechanical bulls, as a concept. Think I'll stick with diving boards.

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