Pictorial: Around Wilfair's Neighborhood

Ready to stretch a leg? Let's take an easy walk 'round the Wilfair area...

Pretty tilework at Farmers Market (it is in the books! Not the tile but the place.)

Art in the window at the Cloud Noir gallery.

A beautiful mural of Sade recently popped up on Fairfax Avenue. (Side note: There are two Sade songs on the Wilfair playlist, "Stronger Than Pride" and "By Your Side.") (Artist: Dirt Cobain)

Yep, it is true: We Angelenos dig our vanity plates, many of which have to do with the movie business. 

A table at Farmers Market. The landmark has had the same mint green chairs for decades, meaning many people associate this color with the place. I wouldn't be down with that at all. (Ha ha, oh, I jest, what with the orange everywhere all over the place.)

Did you know that CBS Television City is near The Wilfair Hotel and Motel Fairwil? I just know Monty Overbove walks up Fairfax to catch his favorite comedy shows, live.

This picture captures two LA icons: The CBS sign and a bougainvillea bloom. (The Wilfair's neighborhood is absolutely lousy with glorious bougainvillea, which is not at all a romantic blossom.) (Again I jest -- it is, in fact, a lushly romantic bud, what with all the wall crawling and bursting color.)

The Wilfair/Fairwil nexus is a lively area but sometimes hella loud. No wonder Gomery Overbove has light purple circles under his tired eyes most times of the day.

This actually says "restaurant," as you can tell, and it was snapped right at Wilshire and Fairfax. I love that "Rest" is writ large, and surrounded by sparkly bulbs, on the very corner where a phantom hotel and motel exist in an alternate universe.


Kelly said...

That was a lovely soothing brain mini-vacation in the midst of my horrid cold and rainy journey home from work, thanks Alysia!

Wilfair Book said...

Get better, Kelly! And eat some garlic this weekend. Clear out the head.

We shall walk around and see a lot of this when you visit California next year. :)

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