Repeating posts? I don't love it, but sometimes I must.

I do believe I wrote something on gratitude last year at this time, in this very space, but I must again.

Thank you so much for coming by the blog, and your funny comments, and your support, and your readership. And thanks for hanging tight as I finish up, or get close to finishing up, this fourth and last book. "Fairwil" is still due in the spring, hooray! Thinking of sending out ARCS probably in May? Maybe April if everything keeps on cookin'.

Your patience is fabulous. I'm finding it a little hard to give it up, this last book, as I know the series, and this experience, is ending.

I'll grow more maudlin by the minute if I keep talking like this, so now I must know your favorite Thanksgiving dish, and if the holiday isn't celebrated where you are, then a comfort meal dish that is a bit fancy.

Me? I'm mad for stuffing, or dressing, if you prefer. Stuffing might be every course for me, on Thanksgiving, if I could have my druthers (and I so love having my druthers). I prefer a drier stuffing, cooked outside of the bird, and filled with nuts and berries and other good stuff. Full of herbs, too.

Oh, and speaking of berries... I'm also a huge cranberry lady. Actually I crave cranberry relish the most, in all of its tart forms, though I personally throw in a few sliced jalapenos or chipotle, because sweet heat is the best.

Cheers again, dear Wilfair friends, and gratitude all around.

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Amanda W said...

Mashed potatoes are at the top of my Thanksgiving food list -- smooth, chunky, with skin or without, doesn't matter. As long as it's made with real potatoes and butter. Fancy them up if you want - cheese, bacon, herbs, whatever.

I also love me some good cranberry relish.

Rosemary said...

I'm a green bean casserole gal, myself. But candied sweet potatoes (not mashed or covered in nuts/marshmallows) are a close second.

Wilfair Book said...

Amanda: I'm all for skins in but I'll take mashed potatoes however. Sour cream is my go-to topper/mix-in. I have sour cream issues, which may not be surprising, seeing as how it is the main ingredient in most dips.

Rosemary: Never invite me over because I'll probably consume half the can of fried onions before they even make it into your green bean casserole. Hide it from me, please.

I'm on the yams/sweet potatoes train, 100%.

myrandaroyann said...

I'm thankful to you for writing such excellent books and having such a great relationship with your readers. :)
I also love dressing/stuffing! Mmm...I usually load my plate up with all the yummy sides and just a tiny sliver or turkey. For our family Thanksgiving I make Dirty Rice (that's what we call it. It's not really dirty rice, it's more of a beef broth, French onion soup, mushroom, browned rice but we call it dirty rice.) and Twice Baked Sweet Potatoes with Marshmallow Surprise. I just finished preparing those dishes so I just have to pop them in the oven in the morning. We usually eat around noon at my aunt and uncle's who live out in the country.
I love cranberries as well! My family makes Pink Stuff with is cranberries and red grapes run through a food processor and mixed with whipped cream. It's delicious (especially on top of turkey despite my brother's disgust)!
I love eating the yummy food and visiting with my huge extended family!
Happy Thanksgiving!!

Wilfair Book said...

Dirty Rice and Pink Stuff! Those names. Oh great gravy. I think I knew of some version of Pink Stuff but now I want to give it a go. The grapes must give it a certain... sourness which cuts the cranberries a little, in the right way.

Also, I'm all about adding Thanksgiving foods to other foods. Do I sometimes take half a spoonful of mashed potatoes and half a spoonful of stuffing? Actually, that's like every spoonful.

Myranda, you are tremendous and I'm glad to know you. Happy thankful weekend! xo

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