The Gold Tube

Join me, if you will, at Wilshire Boulevard and Fairfax Avenue in Los Angeles, California.

Nope, what we're looking at here isn't The Wilfair Hotel, though it is whimsical enough to qualify. It's the old May Company department store and future home of the Oscar movie museum (name: Academy Museum).

When my husband and I first drove into LA, we marveled at this huge building decoration and promptly nicknamed it "The Gold Tube." Fairly sure it isn't hollow, but the easy name stuck.

We Painters give elaborate and sometimes silly-sweet back stories to absolutely everything we encounter. Meaning that The Gold Tube soon transcended its building-decorative status to become an ancient spaceship that landed here 35,000 years ago.

I sometimes believe it to be antenna, massive and metallic, in which you can whisper your Hollywood aspirations.

It may even be a prominent marker on a secret treasure map. And while I don't frequently see birds up there, when I do I imagine The Gold Tube to be nicely toasty of temperature and marvelously mother-like, the best nest in the West.

It's the prominent neighborhood feature, in a neighborhood brimming with prominent features, in the lives of Fair Finley and the Overbove cousins. They, too, likely have their own stories about The Gold Tube, though I'm not privy to them, or at least I've never asked.

Gomery admires it architecturally, Monty visually, and Fair likes how, at sunset, its warm reflection turns the Motel Fairwil pool gold, if only for a flash.

cr: Vintage Los Angeles (love ya, VLA!)


Kelly said...

Such a cool building. I love how the rest of it is very ordinary looking, and then it's got like this secret flashy gold corner, hidden from the rest of the building by the black semi-circle bit.

Wilfair Book said...

I've seen this building, oh, a few thousand times? And never thought that before.

Now I'm going to think about the gold tube pulling its cape up, so it has a little privacy from the rest of the building! Ha ha ha.

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