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One of the tools of my particular trade is spotting patterns or identifying how things relate to other things. (I write, by the way, about lots of different stuff in my work. Yesterday I covered holiday ice skating, a replica 18-century tall ship, the opera "Falstaff," and a mysterious cavern built inside a storefront, among other topics.)

Pattern recognition is the most useful tool in a writer's bag, in my mind. My favorite game, when I was very small, was the one where a bunch of cards depicting animals are placed face down, in rows, and you flip one and try and remember where you saw its match.

I played this game a lot, and I still do, while writing Wilfair. I'll type "Monty dipped a toe in the pool" and then attempt to recall where else a similar occurrence happened in the books, and then match them up, somehow, but with a fresh twist.

You know that Gomery says "wait, please?" and Fair says "later" in all three books? Yep.

Which is all to say this: I see a few patterns and common connections, here and on my email, regarding what Wilfair readers enjoy. These have all been mentioned to me or in the comments by more than one reader. They are, in no particular order...

Anne of Green Gables
Jane Austen
Welcome to Night Vale
Lizzie Bennet Diaries
Autobiography of Jane Eyre
John Green books
The Perks of Being a Wallflower
The Raven Boys
The Avengers
Lord of the Rings
Parks & Rec/The Office
Coen Bros. movies
comic books
Johnny Tremain
A Wrinkle in Time
Caro Emerald
old movies
crafts (the making of)
needlepoint, knitting, crochet
vintage clothes (direct from the Obvious Department of Obvious Things) ;)
The Rocketeer
The Hour
John Hughes movies

Now you might say "Alysia, aren't these all properties you like, too?" Funny enough, most are, but I suppose that isn't surprising. But I haven't plunged into "Welcome to Night Vale" yet -- I know, I know, I will! -- so this list isn't merely a reflection of what I dig. This has all come from you.

Patterns and commonalities and shared interests, you do bewitch.


do dah said...

love the post, and THAT PICTURE. :) (hi, i fell off the planet, i'll be back soon, i promise)

Wilfair Book said...

do dah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No joke, I was about to poke you.

Often on my mind, yo.

Kelly said...

So many of my favourite things on this list!

And I'm totally with you on pattern recognition. Everyone else dreaded the logic and reasoning tests they occasionally gave us at school, (where you'd have to figure out the next or missing thing in a sequence and stuff), but I loved them.

Wilfair Book said...

With you 100%, lady, on those tests!

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