"Fairwil" on Four Napkins

Lest you think that patting the Bob's Big Boy statue on his tush, for good luck, in an attempt to start an upbeat urban legend, was the extent of my night at the famous diner, it wasn't.

As mentioned, I decided, while awaiting my salad, to write out all of "Fairwil," the next and last book, on four large paper dinner napkins.

Call it an exercise in Stones, Pebbles, Sand. I'm now looking at what parts of the story still need to be dropped into the jar that is "Fairwil," and where the smaller pebbles and sand should go.

But writing out the book on four napkins wasn't even my favorite part of the night. Nor was patting Bob's well-sculpted hiney. Here are some other things I loved...

This couple sat near me. He sported a "Naughty" hat and she wore a hat that said "Nice." They also wore blinking Christmas lights. When I asked if I could snap their picture, he went one better and gave his lady a kiss. Please. I love people!

Also, this building overlooks the diner's parking lot. The sign's final word was obscured by some trees, but "Keep Me" was clearly visible. Please. I love building signs that display emotion!

Also, Bob's has a gargantuan neon sign. Please. I love neon!

Also, did I mention my obsession with blue cheese dressing?  And croutons? I didn't? The Wilfair's 500 Dip Bar has at least two dozen blue cheese dips.

Okay, so now my madcap (hi, Caitlin #1) writing exercise. Here's all of "Fairwil" told to four generously sized diner napkins.

Yes, that is the word "Boiler" you see near the bottom. You know I'm fond of revisiting ideas/places once introduced, but in new ways.

Then there's this.

In case you can't read my napkin-based, salad-craving handwriting, that says "Gomery brush against."

What the? How'd that get there?



Melbourne on my Mind said...

Boiler. BOILER. BOILER!!!!


myrandaroyann said...

Ahhh! I wish I could read those napkins! Of course, reading the book will be better! :D I love how festive and loving that couple is in your picture. It looks like you had a great night!

Also, I love those little hints you gave us...very intriguing!

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