First Kisses Are Funny

First kisses are always funny, or almost. Not laughing-at-the-people funny, just funny in all the happy and weird and comical ways.

Mine? I often think of it this time of year, because I was caroling. Not only was I caroling, but wait for it: I was mid-carol, actually singing, when it happened, which is hilarious.

You can understand, now, how I've arrived at the opinion that first kisses are pretty comical.

Monty Overbove says we don't know what is next in our life stories, and he's right: I never, never thought someone would plant one on me while I was drawing out the word "manger" at the top of my lungs. I mean, I had a carol book open in front of me, in my mittened hands, and was I a wee bit snotty and chapped, from the cold and the walking and the singing? Definitely. How runny-of-face I was has probably been fully blocked by my memory at this point.


But I think a lot of things about love and feelings are pretty funny (which you might know, if you've dipped into the Wilfair books). Happy funny, not mean funny, natch. And an interesting situation and setting of a first kiss, like caroling on a chilly night, appeals to me very much.

Now I'm just going to leave this right here and go get another cup of coffee.

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Kelly said...

Jealous of your first kiss story! My first proper kiss was not nearly as cute, it was sort of funny though I guess.

I was on holiday in Spain, and met this boy, and we flirted a little bit all week. On the last night, he finally made his big move and went in for the kiss, but I'd gotten so horribly sunburnt that day, and everything hurt, so when he grabbed my waist I let out this shriek, and scared him so much he backed up by several paces. I then had to explain that I did want to kiss him, but only if he could manage to do so without touching any other parts of my body. Properly awkward first kiss experience ensued!

Wilfair Book said...

Kelly, no joke: I've been thinking a lot about your story over the last day. Thinking with a wince, because sunburns, ow, but also thinking how charming it was that you were on vacation and Spain and this boy. It's so cinematic!

And very charmingly awkward. I think it is right up there with the caroling kiss, for sure.

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